• About Us:

      Hi! We’re Caroline and Rob.  We live in Central MA where Caroline works as a psychotherapist and Rob works as an engineer.  We met in the fall of 2000 when we began junior high together.  We shared a dance that year, but our friendship did not truly begin until after high school and we did not start dating until mutual friends played match makers during junior year of college. A few years and many trips to the aquarium later, we were married in 2015 in what can only be described as the perfect day!

    • Qualities We See in Each Other

      Caroline’s favorite qualities in Rob are his big bear hugs and his ability to pick up any new skill he tries.   Rob’s favorite qualities in Caroline are her compassion for others and her love of animals.   Most importantly, we love that we work well together and enjoy being a team for any adventure we take on.

    • Our Hobbies and what we look forward to doing with our Child

      We share a love for animals that has driven us to visit many zoos and aquariums over the years, especially watching the penguins. We enjoy traveling to new places and have been fortunate to travel throughout the U.S. and Europe. Everywhere we go, we enjoy finding new spots to hike, kayak and experience the local wildlife in their natural habitats. At home we enjoy planting a vegetable garden, hosting gatherings with friends and family, and taking our dog Scout for walks.

      We cannot wait to include our future child in all these hobbies, and we also look forward to being our child’s biggest cheerleaders, helping them create their own sense of adventure with hobbies of their own.

    • Our Extended Family

      We cherish family and the time we spend with them.  We are grateful to have much of our immediate and extended family close by.  Many of our cousins have children of their own so each holiday and get together (of which there are many) gets a little bit bigger every year.  Each summer we spend time on Cape Cod with Rob and Caroline’s family, including a week-long vacation with many of Caroline’s extended family. With cousins, and their kids in tow, we spend long days on the beach.  We look forward to creating memories with our own children as we continue these annual traditions.

    • Our Adoption Story

      We are so excited to start our family through adoption and our family and friends are eager to welcome the newest family member.   We believe that biology does not define family. Love and dedication are the core values of a strong family and parenting a child regardless of biology involves that same love and dedication.

      We value the importance of openness with our future child and therefore our child’s story will always begin with the selfless act of their birth parents.  We hope we can share with our child many details about their birth parents so that they always know the love they came from.

    • Our Home & Neighborhood

      In addition to being close to family, we are located near great schools, ice cream shops, and playgrounds.  Our colonial home has a modern style with many personal touches. With Rob’s craftsmanship, Caroline is happy to boast some of his hand made pieces. We love collaborating and doing home projects together in order to create spaces we both enjoy. We chose our home because we knew it could grow with us as our family grows throughout the years. We look forward to making memories in our home and in this town.

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