• About Us:

      We met in college in 2005 in Paramedic class. Ricky sat behind Laura, and we spent a lot of time together because it was a small group. Having many mutual interests and hobbies grew our love, and 4 short years later we got married! We make a great team and balance each other well. Ricky is a Firefighter / Paramedic for the town he grew up in and Laura is a nurse at a local emergency department. With our very accommodating schedules one of us is always at home with our daughter Ava who is 20 months old.

    • Qualities we see in each other

      Laura about Ricky– “Ricky has a huge heart and will do anything for someone he cares about. He is strong, intelligent and hardworking. He amazes me every day with his knowledge base and his ability to fix almost anything. He is such a great father and his love for Ava is unmatched. She lights up every time she sees him and they have a special bond”.

      Ricky about Laura– “Since I’ve known her Laura has had strong maternal instincts, and she has flourished in becoming a mother with such ease. She is patient, nurturing and attentive to everyone else’s needs no matter the environment. I know she will pass on these great qualities to our children”.

    • Our Hobbies

      We enjoy camping and being outdoors, and both are physically active and enjoy exercising. Ricky is an avid bow hunter and enjoys cooking and hosting family and friends at our home. Laura likes to run races, hike and read. Above all we both enjoy spending time with our daughter.

    • Activities we look forward to

      We have been able to enjoy camping, hiking and traveling with our daughter and intend on continuing to do this with our next child. We hope to try new things and see new places as our children grow and taking trips as a family to national parks, zoos, concerts and beaches just to name a few.

    • Family Gatherings

      We are very close to our families, and our children will have grandparents, aunts, uncles, 6 first cousins and too many second cousins to count to spoil them. We have big holiday gatherings, some years hosting both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and have had over 30 family and friend over.

    • Our Adoption Story

      We plan on being nothing but open with our child when it comes to his/her adoption story. With our daughter Ava, we openly talk about her birth parents and how much they loved her, and it was out of love that they made the decision to give us the greatest gift. We hope to have as much information as possible for our child in regards to his/her history.

    • Our home and neighborhood

      We live in a picturesque 3 bed room custom ranch on 12 acres of land in a small town in Massachusetts. We have plenty of room to play and explore as most of our property is wooded, and we often seen deer, bunnies and turtles just to name a few! We are close to parks, playgrounds, and there is a Christmas tree farm on our street that has horse drawn hay rides, Santa, a corn maze and pumpkin picking!

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