• About Me:

      Rachel is a principal software sales executive who is lucky enough to work from home and gets to spend plenty of time with her dogs and family that live one town over.

    • My Story

      I was born and raised in a small town outside of Boston. I have an older brother and younger sister and a great extended family. I went to college in Vermont and fell in love with the mountains. But I love my family more and as it began to grow I wanted to be near them, so I moved back to the area to start my family.

    • My Hobbies

      I love hobbies and trying new things. My favorite past times are painting, hiking with my dogs, and traveling the world. I also love reading, going to concerts and swimming in the ocean.

    • My Extended Family

      My sister has 3 wonderful children that I see several times a week. My brother lives 30 minutes away and my parents live just over an hour. We see each other every week for family dinners. My cousins are also here in Massachusetts and we get together for family bbqs, fishing trips and beach days as often as we can. The family just keeps growing and we are super excited to welcome a new baby.

    • My Adoption Story

      I tried to conceive for 3 years and ultimately learned I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. I have always wanted to be a mother and in the end that is the dream – not pregnancy. After processing this change of plans I can truly say that I am delighted at the opportunity to love and cherish a baby through adoption. I can’t wait!

    • Special Activities I Look Forward to Doing with My Child

      I am looking forward to taking my baby camping with family and friends, fishing with my Uncle Mike and having long beach days filled with ice cream trucks, frisbee and searching for sea glass. I have been collecting beautiful copies of children’s books for almost a decade and I can’t wait to share my love of reading and imagination with my child.

    • Holiday Gatherings

      My family loves to get together to celebrate and eat. Thanksgiving, New Years, Halloween and July 4th are the biggest celebrations with us. We have lots of laughs, games, surprises and tons of food!

    • My Home and Neighborhood

      I live in a small town outside of Boston. We have a great school system and plenty of playgrounds to play in and trails to hike. My house is in the trees and feels very much like a treehouse. It’s tranquil and lovely. My street is quiet and has therefore attracted many families with children to live here. My next door neighbors have a girl that’s just coming up on her second birthday and there are tons more kids that ride bikes up and down the street in the summer and play hockey on the pond behind my house in the winter.

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