• About Us:

      We first met in passing at a favorite coffee shop in downtown Boston. Fate would have it that we played in the same summer softball league, where Matt asked Jamie out for the first time. We had our first date at the Fisherman’s Festival in the North End in 2007. We made our way through the crowds and found a couple seats at a small Italian restaurant. We spent hours swapping stories.

      Over the next few years, we were inseparable, and were even dubbed ‘Mamie’, the combination of Matt and Jamie. We filled the next few years with traveling, camping, and celebrating holidays with friends and family.

      In 2010, Matt proposed to Jamie in the Boston’s Public Garden, next to the Swan Boats. Coincidentally, we got married four years exactly from our first date!

      Matt works in finance at an advertising agency. Jamie works in property management for Real Estate Investment Company.

    • Our hobbies

      Matt has a passion for filmmaking that even took him to Paramount Studios in Los Angeles to work for a producer. He is currently the technical director of a local film festival and working on a documentary film on local charities. He enjoys film, travel, and giving back.

      Jamie enjoys snorkeling, gardening, and spending time outdoors. She loves being Auntie Jamie to her brother’s three children. She enjoys cooking and hosting at our home, especially in the nice weather when the pool is open.

    • Qualities we see in each other

      Jamie: “What drew me to Matt was his sweet soul and huge smile. He has a very uplifting effect on people and is always kind to others. What he values most is making people happy and leaving the world a better place.”

      Matt: “What drew me to Jamie was her beautiful smile, nurturing spirit and her incredibly optimistic outlook when faced with adversity. Her loyalty to her family is unwavering and her love for all animals is touching. She is grateful for everyone in her life and values family and friends over material things.”

    • Activities we look forward to

      We look forward to sharing the experiences that we enjoyed as kids; hunting for treasures on the beach, roasting s’mores on camping trips, and apple picking, to name a few. We are excited to share our holidays with a child, as we cherish that time with our friends and family. Most importantly, we look forward to helping our child explore who he or she is, and provide the love, guidance, and support needed to create a meaningful and fulfilling life.

    • Our extended family

      Jamie is the younger of two children. Her older brother has three children, Colby, Bella, and Vivian. Jamie’s mother is very excited about our adoption plans and our efforts to start a family. Jamie herself has over 30 first cousins, and over 17-second cousins.

      Matt’s mother and father are both retired and could not be happier to someday greet their first grandchild. Matt is the youngest of two children, his sister was just married and is hoping to start a family soon.

      We also include our friends in the category of family. Over the past few years, we have helped them welcome over a dozen babies that are looking forward to a new friend. All of our friends are supportive of our decision; several of them were adopted themselves.

    • Holidays

      The holidays are for spending time with family and friends and we both enjoy the holiday spirit. In the fall, we carve pumpkins, go apple picking and decorate the exterior of the house for Halloween. Our neighborhood has a Halloween costume party each year. Thanksgiving we spend with immediate family, as well as a Friendsgiving with friends and their children. Christmas Eve is on a rotating schedule with immediate and extended family. We enjoy hosting Christmas Day with immediate family.

    • Our adoption story

      We plan to be open and honest about with our child about their adoption, but will respect the birth parents wishes if they want some discretion. We strongly believe that a child has the right to know who they are and where they come from and that being adopted is just great part of their story. We want our child to know that they are loved by us and by their birth parents. We will create an adoption book that tells their story. We believe that when our child is at the right age, it will be his or her choice to explore a relationship with the birth mother and father if they don’t have one already.

    • Our home & neighborhood

      Our home is situated on a one way in, one way out neighborhood. It borders on conservation land and we frequently see deer and bunnies. Our backyard is separated into two sections by a small fence. One half is a grassy area with a swing set and gardens. The other half is an in ground pool with a small pool house. You will find grapes, asparagus, blackberries, basil, mint, oregano and peaches growing in our back yard. We have four bird feeders and a birdbath that attract a large variety of birds including blue jays, chickadees, and cardinals.

      Our neighborhood is a collection of friendly and close families. There are children of all ages ranging from toddlers to teenagers. Most of our neighbors have lived in the neighborhood for over 20 years and as a result of being a tightly knit group, have no plans on leaving anytime soon. Our neighborhood provides the perfect destination for trick-or-treating, and we love to hand out candy.

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