• About Us:

      Ksenia is a mechanical engineer and PhD student in Building Systems, and Ralph is a mathematician.  We’ve been happily married for five years.

    • Our Story:

      Ksenia grew up in Finland, and Ralph in the U.S.  We met while living abroad in Sweden, and quickly fell in love, with Ksenia moving to the U.S. with Ralph.

    • Our Hobbies:

      We enjoy traveling to new places together, going for walks in nature, and playing board games. Ralph loves running and cooking; Ksenia loves doing yoga and baking.

    • Qualities We See in Each Other

      Ksenia sees in Ralph how kind, caring, understanding and funny he is.  Ralph sees Ksenia as the most strong, reliable, and loving person he knows.

    • Our Extended Family:

      Ralph’s parents and two sisters live in the US, with his older sister living with her husband and their baby (soon to be babies!).

      Ksenia’s parents (mother, stepfather and stepfather’s wife, and father and stepmother) and brothers live in Finland.

      Even though we’re spread out, we believe it’s very important to spend time with family, and travel lots so we can spend time with everyone.

    • Our Adoption Story:

      When it came time for us to start growing our family, we decided that adoption was how we wanted our family to grow.  We know that we will love our adopted child exactly the same as if they had been biologically related to us, and are so excited to get to know the person they will grow to be.

    • Special Activities I/We Look Forward to Doing with Our Child:

      We’re looking forward to taking our child exploring the great outdoors, to discover wonders of the world and the olds things again, reading, cooking and baking.

    • Holiday Gatherings:

      We celebrate holidays with our extended family – Christmas with Ralph’s and Thanksgiving with Ksenia’s. We also celebrate Finnish holidays with our family and friends.

    • Our Home & Neighborhood

      We live in a beautiful, small college town with wonderful mountains and forests an easy walk away.  We’re currently living in a lovely apartment across the street from the Elementary School, and are working on building our forever home up a hill, surrounded by nature.

    There’s lots more to learn about this family!

    All families that work with us provide the following to share with you:

    • Detailed family profile
    • Beautiful Photo Albums
    • Letters written by the parents
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