• About Us:

      Reshad is a cardiologist and Julie is a pediatrician, who currently stays at home with our son, Zafi.  We met eleven years ago through mutual friends and bonded over a mutual love of rescue dogs and running. We have been happily married for nine years and were blessed to welcome our son into the world in 2014.  We have a rescue dog named Otis, who is the best family dog!

    • Our hobbies:

      As a family, we love to spend time outdoors, whether it be skiing, running around the lake near our home, or exploring new hiking trails with our son and dog.  We also love travelling to experience new places, cultures and cuisines.  At home, we enjoy cooking together and trying out new recipes.

    • Qualities we see in each other:

      Julie:  Reshad has the biggest heart and cares deeply about his family and friends.  He is the first to jump in with a helping hand and would do anything for the ones he loves.  He is my rock and greatest supporter, always encouraging me to follow my dreams.  He truly loves being a dad and is an amazing father to our son, guiding and supporting him as he grows with endless love, patience, and compassion.

      Reshad:  Julie treats everyone in her life with compassion, warmth, and selflessness. These qualities and her devotion to caring for children in the foster care system inspires me to be a better person every day. I am in awe of how amazing a mother she is to our son and I am so excited to see her pour out her love for a new addition to our family.

    • Our adoption story:

      We became excited about adoption when Julie worked as a pediatrician in the foster care system in New York City.  We were both moved by the beauty of adoption and always knew that it would be part of our family’s story, but did not know that we would then struggle with our own fertility.  We are so excited to welcome a child into our family through adoption.

    • Family gatherings:

      Our family is our greatest blessing.  We spend vacations and holidays with our extended family, either hosting at our home or travelling to see them.  We have fun cooking, playing games, and simply enjoying each other’s company.  We love sharing each other’s traditions and especially creating new ones together.

      Our son spends weeks each summer on vacation with his cousins and his grandparents.  It is a special time for all!

    • Our home and neighborhood:

      Our home is in a diverse, vibrant suburb of Boston, where we’re close to museums, zoos, and many playgrounds.  We live in a wonderful community where kids play together outside until the sun goes down and families gather together for dinners.  We walk to school with neighborhood friends and ride bikes around the block.  We are a quick car or train ride from all that Boston has to offer, but can also get to the wonderful, natural beauty of New England—beaches or mountains—easily.

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