• About Us:

      John owns a non-profit consulting business and Wanda is a Managing Director of a national non-profit helping students access and graduate from college. We both hold doctoral degrees in education and live with our yorkie-poo, Cinco.

    • Our Story:

      We met online seven years ago and were immediately drawn to each other’s sense of humor and our love for French fries. We were married in 2020 and are excited to expand our family.

    • Our Hobbies:

      We enjoy adventures, both big and small. We like to explore walking trails, traveling as often as possible, cooking, spending days at the beach, sharing time with family and friends, gardening, and getting wrapped up in a good book.

      John has a passion for camping and fishing while Wanda enjoys sewing, attending concerts, dancing, and crocheting.

    • Qualities We See in Each Other:

      John is a man of integrity who is always willing to try anything twice. He’s smart, witty, and a great conversationalist. He knows a little about a lot of things. He is a good communicator and is extremely thoughtful in actions.

      Wanda lives her life with great integrity and kindness toward others. She has an amazing sense of humor and an infectious smile and laugh. One of her greatest strengths is that she is incredibly patient.

    • Our Extended Family:

      We have family both near and far who are elated for us to expand our family and are equally as excited to babysit! John’s mother lives in the same town and Wanda’s brother lives 30 minutes away. When we are seeking warmer weather, we visit the rest of Wanda’s family in Florida. Our extended family also includes amazing friends we have collected along the way.

    • Our Adoption Story:

      We have unsuccessfully tried to expand our family going through multiple miscarriages and failed IVF cycles. We have so much love to give and adopting a child is the way we are choosing to share that love.

    • Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing with Our Child:

      We’re eagerly awaiting to share our adventurous spirit and love for traveling. On a small scale, we look forward to bedtime stories, impromptu dance parties, and exploring parts of our community that are designed for young children such as parks and neighborhood events.

    • Holiday Gatherings:

      Holidays are an integral part of sharing time with friends and family. We celebrate two Christmases – a traditional Puerto Rican Christmas on December 24th and a traditional American Christmas on December 25th. We like the fresh start that every New Year’s Eve offers and the candy available every Halloween!

    • Our Home & Neighborhood:

      We live in an extremely racially diverse suburb south of Boston. Our neighborhood is kid friendly with one of the newest playgrounds/splash pads located within walking distance and a new library located a few miles away. Our house has a large yard area that we use for summer cookouts and winter snowball fights.

    There’s lots more to learn about this family!

    All families that work with us provide the following to share with you:

    • Detailed family profile
    • Beautiful Photo Albums
    • Letters written by the parents
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