• About Us:

      Hi!  We’re Jenny and Phil; two nutritionists who love fruits and veggies, but also enjoy the good stuff…a greasy pizza, juicy burger or pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

      Jenny runs a non-profit that supports local agriculture and Phil is a research scientist.

      We both grew up in the Midwest and met in New England. We recently celebrated 10 years of marriage and look forward to starting a family.

    • Our Hobbies:

      We enjoy sports, outdoor activities, and traveling.

      Some of our favorite adventures include glacier hiking in Alaska, swimming with sharks at the Great Barrier Reef, climbing the highest peaks of New England, and accidentally biking though a herd of buffalo in Grand Teton National Park (not recommended!).

      On the weekends, Jenny can often be found gardening, planting, pulling weeds and trying to outsmart the squirrels who love to dig in the yard.

      Phil can be found jogging through nearby parks, reading on the porch and doing what he can to avoid pulling weeds.

    • Qualities We See in Each Other:

      Jenny: Phil is hard-working, thoughtful, a great judge of character, mischievous, and up for anything.  I can count on him to tell me what he really thinks and lend a hand when I’m in over my head on a home project.

      Phil: Jenny is probably the strongest and most resilient person I know.  She is incredibly independent, and unafraid to tackle any project herself.  She always has a list or a plan to keep us on track, which has proven to be a wonderful quality while preparing for parenthood!

    • Our Extended Family:

      Our families are an important part of our lives and we see them whenever possible.

      Jenny’s immediate family is small, but her extended family includes aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, and step siblings.

      Phil has two younger brothers and a younger sister.  Phil’s mother still carries on a family tradition of making everyone matching shorts for special occasions like the 4th of July.  Nowadays, Jenny also gets a pair! Phil’s extended family includes a young niece, aunts, uncles, and 18 cousins. Holidays and family events are always festive, if not hectic, occasions!

    • Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing with Our Child:

      We look forward to introducing our child to the great outdoors. We love visiting national and state parks and will introduce our child to wildlife, hiking, camping and s’mores around the fire.

      At home, we envision outfitting our child with an apron and a kitchen helper stool to engage them in make-your-own taco and pizza nights, as well as baking holiday treats.  Eating the ingredients and making a mess will be encouraged.

    • Our Home & Neighborhood:

      We live in a diverse, family-oriented neighborhood within walking distance of playgrounds, restaurants, ice cream shops, a library and a year-round farmers’ market.

      Our cozy two-story, three-bedroom home features a large kitchen, perfect for creating family meals.  Our fenced-in backyard includes flower beds and a vegetable garden, where in the warmer months we grow herbs, kale, lettuce, tomatoes and peas.

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