• About Us:

      Jim is a supervisor with Police and Security at a local hospital and Jamie works running clinical trials for patients with rare diseases.  Jamie and Jim met at work 16 years ago on Valentine’s Day when Jamie stopped by the security desk to offer the officers some free cake.  Who doesn’t love free cake?!  They were instantly bonded.

    • Our Story:

      When we first met, we had opposite work schedules and only overlapped for a few hours a day.  So we started off as friends and would keep each other company on the phone during our work commutes.  After our friendship grew for about 6 months, we decided to date and never looked back!  We’ve been married for 13 years now and are excited to grow our family through adoption.

    • Our Hobbies:

      We love football, gardening, hiking, and visiting local zoos, farms and sites.  We love to build legos and puzzles.  We love to travel to places like Vermont, Disney, the Caribbean, and Europe.  We enjoy spending time with our family & friends.

    • Qualities We See In Each Other:

      Jim has a kind smile and a kind heart.  He is the first to help someone, no matter how big or small the task.  His drive to support those that need help, and his kid at heart nature is what Jamie loves about him.  Jamie has a passion for helping others and making the world a better place.  She always goes the extra mile to be thoughtful and connect with people, so they feel special.  Jim loves her positive attitude and outlook.

    • Our Extended Family:

      We have a 25 yr old son who is excited to be a big brother to a new sibling.  We have a large extended family who live in our state and are surrounded by friends (who are like family) in the area as well raising their “littles”.  Our family and friends cannot wait to welcome a new member to the family and grow together!

    • Our Adoption Story:

      We weighed many options to expand our family, both medical and adoption, and decided to pursue adoption to add a new family member to our home.

    • Holiday Gatherings:

      Jamie and Jim love Christmas and host all activities associated with it.  We kick off the festivities on Thanksgiving Day by building gingerbread houses after dinner where usually someone (Jamie’s mom) ends up covered in frosting.  Gathering as a family for all holidays is a major part of traditions with our family.  We tend to host most events for family and friends and can’t wait to share these tradition with our new family member.

    • Our Home & Neighborhood:

      We live in the Boston area in a beautiful home on a dead-end street.  We are surrounded on our small street by great neighbors and a big backyard space.  We love to spend time exploring outside with our two dogs.  We love to plant flowers and vegetables, go swimming, and cook on our new pizza oven!

    There’s lots more to learn about this family!

    All families that work with us provide the following to share with you:

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