• About Us:

      James is an Anesthesia Technician at a large Boston hospital.  Jennifer is a director for a medical management company.  We both love to learn new things and explore new places.

    • Our Hobbies:

      Together we enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, camping, nature walks and hiking.  We also enjoy exploring the history and culture in nearby Boston, as well as cheering on the Bruins!  Traveling and spending time with family is so much fun.  Most often you can find us working in the yard on a new project or cooking and baking together in the kitchen.

    • Qualities We See in Each Other:

      James: Jennifer is truly my soulmate and is not only a wonderful wife but she is an amazing aunt and godmother.  She is warm, intelligent, loving, fun, and adventurous in everything she does.  In everything I do she is very supportive and is my biggest cheerleader.  She is a great cook and amazing baker, bringing her creativity to the kitchen. I honestly believe she makes me a better person and I am blessed to have her in my life.  I cannot wait to share this adventure with my best friend, Jennifer!

      Jennifer: James is an amazing man! He is smart, funny, loving, an amazing cook, and is talented in just about everything he picks up.  He is fluent in a number of languages, plays the trumpet and piano, loves photography and enjoys wood working. I cannot wait to expand our family with this very special man!

    • Our Adoption Story:

      Adoption has always been something we had considered and looked forward to as a way to expand our family.  After years of trying to start our family on our own, then multiple failed fertility treatments we decided to follow our hearts and trust in our faith to find the right path to a loving family.

    • Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing with Our Child:

      We cannot wait to share our family traditions with our children – and to start some new ones of our own!  From hunting for the perfect Christmas tree to July 4th fireworks at the beach we are so excited to share what we hold dear with our growing family.  We look forward to sharing our heritage with them and traveling to see family and friends.  So many adventures await!

    • Our Home and Neighborhood:

      Our home is spacious with a wonderful yard perfect for playing, relaxing and lots of fun!  We live in a relatively small neighborhood where only local traffic comes through – all of the children in the area like to ride bikes, roller blade or play street hockey. A yearly Easter egg hunt has all of the houses involved in hiding eggs and cheering on the kids!  A small pond offers the perfect spot for fishing in summer and learning to ice skate in the winter.  With ages ranging from toddlers to college kids and multiple nationalities our neighborhood is a great place to grow up!

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