• About Us:

      Hillary (36) is a college professor and Girls on the Run volunteer coach. Andrew (36) is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and mixed-media artist. We love our life together and can’t wait to become a family of three!

    • Our Story:

      We met at a going away party for a mutual friend in 2015. We had an instant connection, then over time fell madly in love, and through marriage committed to nurturing the “us” every day we have together on this Earth. We are truly a team in everything we do, and now we are just waiting for our third team member to join us for all the adventures ahead!

    • Qualities We See in Each Other:

      Hillary: Andrew is the most generous and loyal person I have ever met. He gives himself fully and authentically to all of his relationships. He’s an unwavering optimist, always seeing hope in every situation. He will be a gentle and involved father. He’s just a kid at heart, so I know he will create a fun and magical childhood for our kiddo.

      Andrew: Hillary has been a mother for many years already – she exudes a warmth and welcome that is palpable, and she is so ready to parent a child. She is a natural caretaker who is generous with her time and spirit. She’s fun and we laugh all the time! I’m grateful for her sensitivity and how she keeps our family organized. I can’t wait to see her as a mom and fall even more deeply in love with her.

    • Our Adoption Story:

      We are a proud and resilient queer-trans couple. As members of the LGBTQIA+ community, we have a deep connection to people we consider CHOSEN family and we honor the diverse ways families can be formed. We trust that the Universe will guide us to our child and their birth parent(s) when the connection is right.

    • Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing with Our Child:

      Every September we camp on the grounds of our favorite bluegrass music festival. We can’t wait to raise a ‘festival kid’! At home, Andrew already has elaborate plans to build a treehouse so our child will have their own nature sanctuary. Hillary looks forward to teaching our child the practices of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness from a young age.

    • Holiday Gatherings:

      We honor the Earth’s seasonal rhythms in celebrating the Summer and Winter Solstices. We gather around a bonfire with family and friends, play music, tell folk stories, read poems, set intentions, and share in a feast of seasonal foods.

      We also have family traditions like carving pumpkins on Halloween, decorating the tree for Christmas, and floating the river on Fourth of July.

    • Our Home & Neighborhood:

      We live near the mountains in Western Massachusetts. Our home sits up on a hill surrounded by acres of forest and an extended neighborhood of small family farms. We have direct access to a stream for swimming and trails for hiking and snow shoeing.

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