• About Us:

      In the summer of 2014, Greg was living as a single man in a small house in his hometown outside of Boston. Edilaine, or as everyone calls her, Edi (pronounced Edgy) had only been in the United States for about a year. She had traveled from her home in Brazil to temporarily live with her aunt and uncle in Massachusetts to learn English.

      Greg and Edi’s story began on a warm Saturday night in Boston. Edi happened to be at the same outdoor restaurant that Greg was at. Greg, being the sociably guy that he is, had been chatting at the bar with a guy he had never met before. They were talking about how they were wearing the same type of gold chain and cross. After a while the guy randomly said “hey lets go talk to girls”. They then turned around to the girl standing behind them and the guy said “hey have you met my friend Greg?” That girl, Edi, ended up being Greg’s wife two years later! They talked for a long time that night and never saw that man again!

      Greg owns a residential construction company with his two brothers and Edi works with young children as a Developmental Specialist at an early intervention company.

    • Our Adoption Story

      Last summer Greg and Edi were told by their doctor that they had a very low chance of having children naturally. It was a devastating day for the both of them and a long sad drive home. But they decided to drive straight to their favorite ice cream shop to cheer up. It was never really a question what the next step was for them and after a couple scoops of ice cream they were on their path toward adoption.

    • Our Hobbies

      Edi’s hobbies: volunteering, traveling the world, keeping a clean house, her faith, reading, watching the tv show Friends, family parties, playing with nieces and nephews, hiking, socializing, exercising, relaxing at the beach, and movie nights. Edi is also extremely passionate about child development, which is what she studied in college. She will make an amazing mother.

      Greg’s hobbies: fishing, hunting, hiking, traveling (22 countries and 44 states so far), reading, cafes, keeping an immaculate yard, wine making, wood working, antique cars (owner of a restored 1979 Pontiac Trans Am), building things, fixing things, member of the Big Brother Association since 2009, exercising, starting new hobbies!

      Shared hobbies: church every Sunday, 6am gym on the weekdays, socializing with friends and family, volunteering, hanging out with Greg’s Little Brother (big brother association), making wine to share with friends and family!

      They look forward to doing many different activities with their child, including traveling, fishing, playing with cousins, going to the beach, and outdoor movies by the fire pit in the backyard, and teaching Portuguese!

    • Qualities We See In Each Other

      Greg and Edi’s strong point in their relationship is their faith. They have a strong commitment to the Christian faith and it has made them a better couple because of it. They also share the same core values about life. Their morals are on track with each other, as well as their family lifestyle. They also support each other through their struggles. They care about each others hobbies as well and do almost everything together.

      Edi sees Greg as determined, detail oriented, honest, faithful, caring, outgoing, handy, and silly.

      Greg sees Edi as one in a million, loving, generous, completely selfless, funny, having good morals, and having a strong faith in God.

    • Extended Family

      Greg and Edi are both very close with their extended family. Edi has 39 aunts and uncles and 55 first cousins! Even though almost all her family is in Brazil she still speaks with them through social media and Facetime daily. They plan to go to Brazil at least once every two years.  Greg’s family is almost all local to where they live, so they see them regularly. There are many family birthday parties and barbeques. Edi and Greg have six nieces and nephews and they love to babysit them.

    • Our Home and Neighborhood

      Greg and Edi live in a small suburban town on a quiet cul-de-sac street in a house that Greg and his brothers built in 2013. It is a two family home and Greg’s brother, sister in law and two children live in the other unit. The interior is kept exceptionally clean (thanks to Edi!) and the yard is kept beautifully manicured (thanks to Greg and his brother!). There are over 200 rose bushes, a large vegetable garden, imported alpine geraniums in window flower boxes, as well as an enormous pergola and 20’ dining table for backyard barbeques. Also, attached to the pergola is a fire pit for roasting marshmallows. On summer nights Greg and Edi will set up a 20’x9’ projection screen that Greg built for outdoor movies and invite over all of our friends and their children. Also near the home is a brand new park next to a reservoir which is perfect for fishing.

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