• About Us:

      Hi! We are Evan, Jessi, and Harris. Jessi is a fun-loving, artsy, mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. She works in operations at a pharmaceutical company, doing work that would bore most people to sleep, but she loves it. Evan is a kind, responsible, thoughtful father, husband, son, brother, and friend. He works for a non-profit organization, helping adults with disabilities prepare for the workforce and find jobs. Harris is a silly, wild child, son, and friend.

    • Our Story:

      Evan and Jessi met at their first job after college. When Evan complained about the elevator music playing in the building, Jessi offered him a Toots and the Maytals CD, which happened to be one of his favorite bands, thus beginning a work husband/wife relationship that would grow into a real-life husband/wife relationship. We dated off and on, but mostly remained incredibly close friends for the first couple of years. After Evan returned from living briefly in the Virgin Islands, we rekindled the old flame and it’s been blazing for 13 years since. We’ve been married over 10 years and 4 years later, with the help of AWL, we fulfilled our dream of becoming parents, by welcoming Harris to our family! We are very open with Harris about his adoption story, and what a gift his birth mother has given us. We are all eager to grow our family once again through adoption.

    • Hobbies:

      We both are passionate about traveling and exploring new places. We love spending time as a family skiing, boating, hiking or on the couch having a family movie night. Jessi spends her free time painting, reading, or making lampshades. She loves to laugh and is a huge comedy fan. Evan is an avid reader and a great cook. He is a Boston sports fan and loves to play tennis, golf, or go sailing. Harris loves building with Legos, digging for bugs, caring for his kittens Izzy & Duff, playing tag with friends and is involved in a number of sports like soccer, t-ball and recently skiing!.

    • Extended Family:

      We are both extremely close with our immediate families and have one sibling each. Jess comes from a very large tight knit family. She grew up having weekly dinners with her father’s eight siblings and their families and counts her cousins on her mother’s side among her best friends.  Evan’s family is smaller, but just as close. Between our families, our child will have five first cousins to play with and many second cousins.  Holidays are very important to our families and all about the kids. We spend most summer weekends with Evan’s family at their beach house on Cape Cod.  Both of our families welcomed Harris with open arms and can’t wait to welcome another baby into the family!

    • Neighborhood:

      We live in a great little town not too far from the city or the ocean.  We chose it because it is close to our families and has an excellent school system.  Our home is a cape style house with a large backyard and is a short walk to the elementary school and playground. Our neighborhood is quaint and full of young children and families.

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