• About Us:

      Our story is quite a unique love story.  We met the first semester of college of 2002, and soon after started dating.  By second semester Doug was activated with the Army and deployed to Iraq for 14 months.  Kate wrote Doug every single day that he was gone.   We picked up right where we left off as soon as Doug returned in April of 2004.   We were married September 17, 2005, which began our fun filled life together.  In 2014, we were blessed with the adoption of our first child Claire.  A short 13 months later, in 2015, we were blessed again with the adoption of our second child Lucy.  Claire & Lucy have been such unbelievable additions to our family.  We couldn’t be anymore thankful to Claire & Lucy’s selfless birthparents for our gift.  We can’t wait to give Claire & Lucy another sibling!

      Kate is a stay at home mom for the girls.  She is going to be a stay at home mom for our children until they are grown and out of the house.  She devotes all her time and effort toward our girls giving them a loving hospitable environment to grow up in.  Doug is a Lieutenant on a city Fire Dept.  He has a flexible schedule, and will be able to spend tons of time watching our children grow!

      Doug says: Kate is an unbelievable mom!  She is the most caring, compassionate, & fun loving person I have ever met.  She is so great with Claire & Lucy and has an endless amount of patience.  Kate lives life to the fullest, and has been teaching our children how to also.  She loves to laugh and play as well as work hard.  These are all traits I know she will pass down to our children.  Kate was truly born to be a great Mom!

      Kate says:  Doug is the most fun person I know.  He makes me smile and laugh all the time.  He knows how to enjoy life and make every moment count.  He is the best dad!  Doug is fun, playful, strong, and loving with our girls.  The three of them are best friends!   He is hard working, and takes on any situation with a great and positive attitude.   He is a great family man.

    • Fun Times

      We love to goof around and have fun.  We spend most of the spring, summer, and fall outdoors.  We like to go out on our boat, bike ride, play ball, spend time with family, go to the beach, paddle board, play, swim in the pool and have BBQ’s.  The winters we like to take trips to warm destinations.  We have a membership with the Disney vacation club and go often.  Kate enjoys spending time with family, shopping, & going out with her friends.  Doug enjoys family time, snow skiing, camping, and water sports.  Since the arrival of Claire & Lucy we love to play, read stories, and watch them grow and learn new things all day long!

    • What we can’t wait to do with our children

      We look forward to being there through every milestone, the first steps and first word to graduations and marriage the list goes on and on.  Kate looks forward to everything from fun family vacations to volunteering at their school.  Doug looks forward to teaching them how to ski and surf to driving a car!  We will be there every step of the way through our kids’ lives to love, support, provide safety and security.  We will show our children that with a little hard work, you can do whatever you set your mind to.  We will support them 100% no matter what the situation.  Most importantly teach them to love & laugh.

    • Our Home

      We live in a Colonial 3 Bedroom home with a fenced in yard.  We live in a coastal town; our house is a block from the ocean and two blocks from the bay.  We have an in-law apartment in which Kate’s Mom lives; she will always be there for the baby!  We love taking daily walks on the beach with Claire & Lucy as well as playing in the sand all summer long.

    • Our Adoption Story

      Our adoption story will always be told to our baby from the start.  There will be no surprises along the way.  Our child will always know what a loving selfless sacrifice you made in order to give us the greatest gift of our lives.  You will always be a huge part of their story, and we are willing to be as open with this adoption as you are.  Claire & Lucy call their adoption stories “The Story of Love.”  They love hearing it and know exactly where they came from.  We always end the story by thanking their birth parents for making us a family!

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