• About Us:

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      We met each other on a night out with friends in 2006 and after a few years of dating, we moved in together and got our dog, Ronin. In 2010 we decided to move to Boston where Dan transferred within his company. We were married in September of 2012 and bought our first home shortly thereafter in Boston, MA.

      Sloane, our daughter, was born in March of 2016 and we decided to move to the suburbs in mid 2017. Dan still works for the same company as an engineer, and Grandy is a Director at a non-profit organization in Boston.

      It’s been so wonderful having Sloane as part of our lives and we would be overcome with joy having another child join our family.

    • Our Hobbies

      We enjoy spending time together. Whether that be eating breakfast together, going to swim lessons, hanging out with friends, or traveling to see family – we enjoy all the moments we have together. In the summer, we love riding our bikes to nearby beaches, hanging out on the back patio, and having BBQ’s with friends.

      Dan loves skiing, crossfit and playing board and video games. Grandy enjoys traveling, running, and going to concerts. Sloane loves arts and crafts, swimming, and playing with her friends.

      We can’t wait to introduce our new baby to our friends and family. They will be welcomed with open arms and will get quickly introduced to all the things we enjoy as a family. It will also be wonderful to take maternity/parental leave and spend quality time together in the first months.

    • Qualities We See in Each Other

      Grandy About Dan: Dan is an amazing father and husband. He is patient, kind and brings humor and laughter to our lives daily. He makes life fun with his wit and is so warm and welcoming to people, that he can easily befriend just about anyone. And most of all, he’s an extremely supportive partner and parent, and I am so happy to see him so excited to become a father again.

      Dan About Grandy: Grandy is a wonderful mom and wife. She’s thoughtful, engaging, and always on the lookout for fun new things to do as a family. She cares deeply about the well-being of others which shows in everyday life at home and professionally. Grandy has a big heart and so much more love to give.

    • Our Extended Family / Holidays

      We are lucky to have family in many places, even internationally, making it easy to find fun places to travel to. We are also very fortunate that both sides of the family make it a point to spend family vacations and holidays together regularly. Dan and Grandy’s parents are retired so we get extra time with them several times a year. When Sloane was born, we had lots of helping hands and look forward to that again with our new little one.

    • Our Adoption Story

      We learned that Dan had a medical condition which significantly reduced his fertility. In mid-2015 we began in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and were lucky to get pregnant with Sloane. We decided to try IVF again, even a minor surgery for Dan, however we weren’t as lucky. Knowing we still have more love to give, we knew it was time to move onto other options to expand our family and adoption would be the best way for us. We welcome an open adoption and respect the birthparents decision on what that means to them.

    • Our Home & Neighborhood

      We live in a seaside town just north of Boston in a single family home. It’s an idyllic town to raise a family with excellent schools and our home is within walking distance to a small downtown district. There are several families on our street with young children and its common for the parents to hang out while the kids play together.

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