• About Us:

      Susan and Cody first met on Myspace. Susan messaged Cody and they began writing each other. Messages turned to calls and falling asleep on the phone at night. With plans to meet, Cody boarded a plane. When they first saw each other Cody grabbed her in his arms. They’ve been inseparable since. They moved in together falling deeper in love. After asking Susan’s father, Cody took her on a weekend getaway and proposed on a Sunday afternoon near a beautiful waterfall. Now together twelve years and married four, Cody manages a Collision shop and Susan teaches children with special needs.

    • Our Story

      Susan long dreamt about becoming a Mother. She was devastated when the doctor said she couldn’t have children. On that rainy night, Cody took her in his arms and promised her she’d be a Mommy. From that moment on they knew they’d be a family. Adoption is the key to their hearts.

    • Qualities We See In Each Other

      Cody is like no one I’ve met. He’s amazing in so many ways. A hard worker, always giving without wanting in return. He makes me laugh like nobody else. He cheers me up and just hearing the sound of his voice can calm my nerves. When Cody tells me I’m the most beautiful girl, I feel it in my heart. I still get butterflies when he looks at me. He’s my best friend and makes all my dreams come true. Cody is going to be one amazing Daddy.


      Susan is a remarkable woman. She’s loving and understanding with a heart of gold. Beautiful and strong with a humble personality. She puts others before herself and is a loyal person people can talk to. She loves children and is certain to be an exceptional Mom.


    • Our Hobbies

      We enjoy many activities together. Cody’s favorites are camping at the lake, swimming and wakeboarding! Autumn leaves and apple orchards fill our fall time. Snowboarding is a winter favorite. I joined Run Disney and I’m really loving it! In the summer we participate in fundraising and benefit rides on Cody’s motorcycle. Cody also enjoys flying drones. We attend various concerts, amusement parks and sporting events too. We’ll love sharing these hobbies with our child.

    • Special Activities We Look Forward To Doing With Our Child

      There’s countless traditions to share with our child. Apple picking, trick or treating and taking in the fall colors. Winter strolls gazing at neighborhood Christmas lights. Spring walks to the park to play on the swings. Summer trips to mountain lakes and days at the beach collecting seashells and building sandcastles. 4th of July Fireworks at the park or watching an evening movie outside our favorite ice cream shop. Taking our child to Disney World to see them smile when they see Mickey Mouse for the first time. We’re especially excited to have them meet Santa.

    • Our Extended Family

      Family is everything. Susan’s always been especially close with her parents. Sadly Susan lost her Mother in spring 2018. It’s heartbreaking for Susan being without her Mom. She knew how much Susan wanted to be a Mom. Grieving the loss of his wife, Susan’s Father remains supportive. Susan and Cody stay in close contact with their Aunts (7), Uncles (6) and many Cousins. Cody often visits his family in the Pacific Northwest and Florida. His Sister is married with a Son and Daughter. Cody’s Brother, parents and Grandfather are eagerly awaiting good news. There’s so much love for the new addition!

    • Our Adoption Story

      Adoption is the definition of love. It’s paramount our child truly understands the selflessness and love of their birth parents for making such a difficult decision.

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