• About Us:

      Hi, we are Chris and Nadège. Chris is from New Orleans and Nadège is from France. Chris is in construction management. Nadège is a behavioral therapist, working with kids and adults. We bonded over our passion for adventures (big and small). We love traveling, trying new things and being active in the outdoors.

    • Our Story:

      We met on Match.com when Nadège messaged Chris. Our first date was an 8-hour adventure exploring the city of Boston, Massachusetts. We got engaged in the mountains of Tennessee and married in the woods of Florida.

    • Our hobbies:

      We love being outside whether that’s working in our garden, going for a hike, kayaking/paddleboarding, or exploring one of the nearby cities. When we are at home you can typically find us cooking and baking, playing games, reading or watching a movie while cuddling with our cats, Bella and Hugo.

    • Qualities we see in each other:

      Chris is a wonderful husband. He is sensitive, caring, adventurous and funny. Chris is always planning a new adventure for us. He has such a big heart and is always looking out for others.

      Nadège is fun, goofy and creative. Her smile lights up a room. She is a great cook and a passionate gardener. She also has a big heart. She loves to bake and do things to help others.

    • Our extended family:

      We have a large extended family. Between the two of us we have 1 great grandmother (she just turned 100), 4 grandparents, aunts/uncles, and over 12 cousins. Chris’s family lives in New Orleans. He has 2 teenage nephews, and the 3 of them love to get into shenanigans. Nadège’s immediate family lives in Massachusetts, but her extended family lives in France. We often travel to visit them in France, or they visit us. We remain very connected.

    • Our adoption story:

      We came to adoption after several years of trying to have a child of our own. We have so much love and adventures we want to share. We know that it would be asking a lot of a mother, to entrust us with your child. This would be an amazing gift.

    • Special activities we look forward to doing with our child:

      We can’t wait to share our love of nature, the arts and new experiences, whether it’s painting together, visiting a museum or hiking in the local woods spotting the local wildlife. We look forward to learning about them and their interests.

    • Holiday Gatherings:

      Our favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. The night of Halloween we make our famous stuffed Jack O’ lantern peppers while passing out candy to the local kids. Our Christmas tradition is to pick out a live tree, decorate it and then bake 100s of cookies for family, friends and colleagues.

    • Our home/neighborhood:

      We live in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by woods in a charming Massachusetts town. Our house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a den, a huge backyard and 2 decks.

      We are a close drive to two major cities, the ocean and mountains.

      Perfect for adventures!

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