• About Us:

      Chris is a mechanical engineer and Melanie is a global supply planner.  We met at Chris’s sister’s wedding in October 2012 and three years later we were married.  In 2019, we grew our family through adoption and became the parents of our daughter Samantha.  Samantha is a high-spirited toddler who loves dancing, dress up, arts & crafts, and animals, especially our pug.

    • Qualities we see in each other:

      Melanie:  Chris is caring and compassionate.  He has a genuine concern for the well-being of those around him.  He is thoughtful and the kindest person I know.   He follows his heart, demonstrates faith, and always works hard to do the right thing.  He is an amazing father.  Whether he is reading, helping to build Legos, or giving “horsey” rides, he does it with affection, humor, and patience.

      Chris:  Melanie is a warm and caring person who has transitioned naturally into motherhood.  She makes people feel comfortable and is a great listener.  As a loving wife, she compliments me well, doing special things for me at random and making me laugh when I need it.  As a mother, she organizes fun activities and thinks of useful things to get for the family.  The special connection she has with our daughter and our nieces and nephews would blossom immediately with our next child.

    • Our Hobbies:

      Chris enjoys hiking, bike riding, and listening to music.  In his spare time, he can be found working in the yard or on the family cars.  Melanie enjoys crafts, photography, cooking, and musicals.  She loves decorating the home, especially for Halloween and Christmas.

      As a couple we enjoy going to the movies, performing arts events, new restaurants, and putting together jigsaw puzzles.  You can find us as a family playing outside, taking day trips, participating in church activities, and visiting family and friends.  One event that we love hosting is our annual pumpkin carving party.

    • Special Activities we look forward to sharing with our child:

      We look forward to introducing our child to new experiences such as eating ice cream, building sandcastles, watching fireworks, and riding a bike.  We are excited to visit national landmarks and parks.  We can’t wait to share our favorite traditions, including an annual cousin Christmas sleepover.  As a big sister, Samantha is eager to share some of her favorite experiences of going to the zoo and playgrounds and creating fun paintings.  We are excited for the adventures that having siblings in the home will bring.

    • Our Extended Family/Family Gatherings:

      Combined we have four siblings and seven nieces and nephews, ranging from a newborn to 11 years.  We are fortunate both our families live close by.  We get together for birthdays, barbeques, pool parties, or just casual visits.  Holidays are spent with family and are a time of great joy, filled with lots of love, laughter, and delicious food.  Everyone is very excited to welcome another child into the family!

    • Our Home/Neighborhood:

      We live in a quiet neighborhood that offers woods for exploring, trails for hiking, and recreational parks for playing.  The neighborhood is kid-friendly and made up of families with children of all ages.  It is great for trick-or-treating!    The town provides a top-rated school system.  Beaches, museums, and state parks are just a short drive away.

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