• About Us:

      Alain is a doctor, Celia is a professor, and our daughter is a spirited Kindergartener. Alain and Celia met 13 years ago while working together in a rural hospital in Rwanda, East Africa—and have been enjoying life’s many adventures together ever since.

    • Our story:

      We met in 2010 in Rwanda, where we were working together in global health. Alain was a physician at the local district hospital, and Celia was working in medical education. Over the three years that followed, we became close friends and then began to date. We moved together to Massachusetts so Alain could pursue further medical training—and have been here ever since. The highlight of our last years has been becoming parents to our daughter, who is now four. It has been a joy and an adventure watching her grow and develop, and we can’t wait to expand our family.

    • Our hobbies:

      We love to spend time outside camping, biking, and exploring; we also love to travel both near and far. We enjoy a cozy day at home with a good book, and we are also fortunate to have a large community of family and friends, so there is never a dull moment!

    • Qualities we see in each other:

      Alain is the most caring, thoughtful, and dedicated person I know. I love watching him with our daughter, as his laughter and smile are uncontainable when he is with her. He is a devoted dad and husband, balancing a very demanding career with his unwavering enjoyment of MagnaTiles and Trains.

      Celia is such a resourceful and loving mother. She is intrepid, not shying away from any challenge. She creates a caring nest for our daughter while expanding her horizons through playdates, dance classes, and her commitment to community.

    • Our extended family:

      Alain has a large family that includes six siblings, seven nieces and nephews, countless cousins, aunts and uncles, and his loving mother. Many of these family members have been able to visit us here in Boston, traveling from Rwanda to do so; others live closer by and spend holidays and summer months with us. And we recently took our first post-pandemic trip to Rwanda as a family.

      Celia’s brother and his partner are our neighbors here in Boston, which is wonderful. Together, we share meals, explore New England’s camping spots, and enjoy the many parks and museums for kids scattered around the city. Celia’s mother and stepfather also live nearby, and her father and stepmother frequently make the trip from New York to Boston to see us and spend time with our daughter.

    • Our adoption story:

      Adoption is very important to us: we became parents to our daughter through adoption, an experience that transformed our lives. We are excited to expand our family—and our daughter is thrilled to become a big sister. We talk openly about adoption with her and look forward to welcoming a new baby into the family.

    • Special Activities:

      We love to travel together as a family. We have spent time with Celia’s family, scattered across the southern US, and with Alain’s family in Rwanda. We’ve also traveled to Puerto Rico, South Carolina, and Florida for sun and we look forward to many more adventures in the years to come.

    • Holiday Gatherings:

      Over the last few years, we have begun hosting large family holiday celebrations at our home, which is a joy. Our Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations this year involved family and friends from many places and parts of our lives, bringing lots of laughter and love to the table. Alain and James (Celia’s brother) are both excellent cooks, so they are in charge of the kitchen—an arrangement that works perfectly for the rest of us!

    • Our home and neighborhood:

      We live in a beautiful old home that has a large backyard for playing and hosting friends. We are in a very diverse neighborhood, surrounded by parks, many young families, and lots of green space.

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