• About Us:

      Hello, I’m Carolyn. I am a fun loving young professional living and working in the lively city of Boston. I am over joyed at the thought of becoming a mother, and sharing my joyful life with a child, something I have wanted ever since I can remember. My life is full and rich in adventure and I cannot wait to share these moments. I relish my close knit family, my warm and fun friends, and my job that offers me great flexibility. I love the people I work with and my job has allowed me the financial security to own my own home and plan for a baby. I have been rewarded the opportunity to be a loving daughter, sister, sister-in-law, cousin, auntie, god-mom and mentor for years and look forward to the moment when I can share that same affection to my future son or daughter as their “mom.”

    • Qualities my Family and Friends See in Me

      My friends and family would call me, “the planner.” From surprise birthday parties, to packing the beach cooler with snacks, to figuring out how to decorate a living room, I’ve got a plan. I love the responsibility and the result of the joy it brings people I love. My friends have told me that I am a good sounding board; they know I will be an unbiased and supportive friend in their time of need. They’d also describe me as “the creative one.” My friends tease me for sending handwritten notes to them out of the blue but I think they like getting snail mail that isn’t junk! I’ve already started writing letters to my little one and can’t wait to creatively capture his or her milestone moments in life to share with you if that is your wish.

    • My Hobbies

      I enjoy sending handwritten cards to those I love, I also enjoy giving gifts of experiences instead of things you can buy in a store. A few years ago, I decided to try something new every week for a year. It lead me to trying new foods, visiting new cities, learning to ski, paddleboard, and waterski. The most fun part about this challenge was recruiting friends to do it with me. Most of my hobbies are done with the support of friends and family. I started running a few years back and went from 5K to half marathons. I am aiming to travel to all 50 States and I dream of bringing my little one with me to experience new things with me. I’ll be sure to add a running stroller to our baby registry so we can go for jogs together!

    • My Extended Family

      My whole family cannot wait to meet my little one! I am blessed to have the example of my parents loving marriage, two sisters, a brother and now the love of two brother in laws, two nieces and two nephews. A group of twelve now, our immediate family has grown to share in the traditions that make our family unique. My grandmothers both in their 90s, godparents, aunts, uncles cousins and friends make up the generational circle of love and are eager to welcome and bond with my future child. The big question on everyone’s minds is “Girl” or “Boy” for the cousins tie breaker.

    • Open Adoption

      The gift of motherhood through adoption is built on love and I want my child to feel that as well. It is incredibly important to me that my child hears his or her adoption story from day one. I promise to always refer to my child’s birth parents with gratitude, love and respect. I hope to create a supportive environment that will allow a future relationship to develop between my child and his/her birth parents as I’d be grateful that there are many people in our baby’s life to love him or her. Should you prefer privacy, I respect that as well.

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