• About Me:

      Hello, I’m Bev.  Originally from Maine, I am a young professional who has been living and working in Boston for the past 15 years and I am so excited to become a mother!  I am very close with my family and friends, sharing countless birthdays, holidays and vacations together.  I have a stable job with great co-workers that provide me with the financial security and flexibility to plan for a baby.  I am very grateful for my life and the loving people I have in it and I cannot wait to share that love with my future child.

    • My Hobbies

      I am an avid reader, amateur photographer and enjoy preparing “family dinners” to share with friends.  I keep active through running, yoga and hiking and began practicing meditation a few years ago.  During the warmer months, I enjoy camping, boating and the beach and during the colder months I’m a big hockey fan.  I love to travel and hope to visit more National Parks, creating memories with my future child.

    • Qualities Family & Friends See in Me

      My loved ones jokingly refer to me as “the planner.”  I’m the one preparing a list of items needed for a group dinner, planning flights and hotels for vacations and making sure we stick to time-honored traditions.  They would also describe me as patient, generous, supportive, forgiving and loyal.  My loved ones mean the world to me and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to help any of them out.

    • My Extended Family

      My family and friends have been very supportive during my adoption journey and they are all excited to meet my future child.  My mother is thrilled to have another grandchild to cuddle and I’m blessed that my grandmother (who was adopted as an infant) will become a great-grandmother for the 9th time!  My friends are equally excited; there will be no shortage of “aunties” and “uncles” in my child’s life.

    • Special Activities

      I am so very excited to start family traditions with my child, especially holiday dinners where I make my late grandfather’s favorite dessert.  Boston has many museums, music and cultural events that I want to share with my child.  I also look forward to going to the library, visiting the zoo, watching the 4th of July fireworks and apple picking, complete with cider and doughnuts!

    • My Home & Neighborhood

      I live in a multi-family home in a diverse, residential neighborhood of Boston.  There are many families with young children and pets in my area and I can walk to the library, community pool and several parks and playgrounds.  Fantastic museums, beaches and the zoo are all a short drive away.

    • My Adoption Story

      It is very important to me that my child hears of his/her adoption story from very early on.  He/she will know from the very start of the selfless act of love you made with your decision and you will forever be a part of their life story.

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