• About Us:

      Arik and Briley met working together as musicians more than 8 years ago. Arik loves music, food, and knitting, and Briley loves traveling, books, and plants. Arik is an aerospace engineer, and Briley works for a publishing company and as a teacher.

    • Our story:

      After a summer of working together, we dated long-distance through college in different states. Four years later and still very much committed to each other, we moved to Boston to begin our life together. We started our careers, endured the pandemic, and had a beautiful Tennessee wedding, and now we are excited to grow our family through adoption.

    • Our Hobbies:

      Arik can often be found cooking new recipes or making old family favorites, and every Friday, he bakes bread from scratch. Briley spends her free time caring for MANY houseplants and crafting.

      We love to travel, from Disney vacations to adventures all over the world. We are frequent visitors to farms and museums, and we love to explore new places! We are both musicians, and we enjoy making music together and often play at events in our community.

    • Qualities we see in each other:

      Arik is silly and has a fabulous giggle that wrinkles his eyes. He is passionate about making the world a better place, from pursuing environmentalism at work and at home, to asking everyone he sees how they are doing today. I am so grateful to be his partner, and our kids will be lucky to have Arik as a parent!

      When I first met Briley, she had 6 small succulents on a windowsill. The small rainforest that now fills our home is a testament to her passion and nurturing spirit. She has a wit that is hard to match and the loving intention to help those around her flourish. I can’t wait to see how she helps our child and family grow.

    • Our extended family:

      We both have very close families. Arik immigrated to Florida as a child with his parents and two siblings, and Briley grew up in Tennessee with her parents and sibling. Our child will make all of our parents first-time grandparents, and they are absolutely thrilled!

      We have a whole tribe of extended family, including close relatives and devoted friends. Our child will join a growing crew of baby cousins! Several members of our extended family have personal experiences with adoption.

    • Our adoption story:

      We have always wanted to grow our family through adoption. We plan to offer our child a loving and expansive family that includes a continued connection with you – within your comfort level – through open adoption.

    • Holiday gatherings:

      We spend Thanksgiving with Briley’s family in Tennessee and New Years with Arik’s family in the Florida Keys. Our family traditions range from silly to meaningful, and include putting on plays, baking elaborate gingerbread houses, and spending every Friday night together.

    • Our home and neighborhood:

      We live in a beautiful sunny apartment in a small town. We love to walk down to the little main street for ice cream or boba and then to the park for a picnic or a walk around the lake.

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