• About Us:

      Hello!  We are Candace, Andrew and Ivar!  Candace and Andrew have been together for seven years and married for six, and Ivar is 3.5 years old.  We live in a beautiful old home on Cape Cod near the beach.  Candace is a VP of Sales for a large tech company and Andrew is in product marketing.

    • Our Story:

      We met at a retreat in 2015 and fell instantly for each other.  We were married within a year and immediately began planning our family together.  We’ve been married for six years and do everything together, including travel the world, buying our first home and raising our oldest child.

    • Our Hobbies:

      Candace loves teaching leadership courses, dancing and playing at the beach.  Andrew is a big reader, and loves being in the outdoors, cutting wood and swimming in the ocean.  We both love to hike with our family and dog, and really appreciate the changing of seasons.

    • Qualities we See in Each Other:

      Candace:  Andrew is kind, thoughtful and extremely attentive and loyal to his family.  He is lighthearted, outdoorsy, and loves to read and dance.  What attracted me to him was his intelligence and his way with words.

      Andrew:  Candace is determined, hard working and very smart.  She will accomplish anything she puts her mind to, but also loves to play and have fun.  I am most attracted to her generosity and commitment to helping others.

    • Our Extended Family:

      Andrew’s mom, dad and two sisters all live within an hour or two with their families, and we spend a ton of time with them.  Candace’s family lives a short flight away, and we fly to visit them several times each year.

    • Our Adoption Story:

      We have been blessed with our beautiful son, Ivar. We have been talking about adoption since before we got married.  We know that adoption is an important step in completing our family.

    • Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing with our Child:

      We LOVE to travel, and can’t wait to take our child to the beach, to foreign countries, and to experience new places, cultures, languages and foods.  We also look forward to daily walks around the neighborhood and to local parks, and to family meals in the backyard.

    • Holiday Gatherings:

      We look forward to getting dressed up for Halloween, spending Thanksgiving with Candace’s family, Christmas with Andrew’s family (a big slumber party at our house with the cousins), and birthdays with friends in our backyard.

    • Our Home and Neighborhood:

      We live in a beautiful historic home that was built in 1830, but was recently renovated.  We have a ton of space with 6 bedrooms and a big backyard, and live in a historic town, right in the middle of shops and restaurants.  Our neighbors are sweet, kind older couples (our kids are surrounded by grandparents), and we can walk to a nearby beach, pond and school playground.

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