• About Me:

      My name is Alicia and I work in healthcare selling products that treat men with prostate cancer. I have little dogs (Mickey, Buddy and Zoey) whom I initially fostered and now have a furever home with me!

    • My Story:

      Ever since I was a little girl I always dreamt of adopting a child. When I was unsuccessful in having my own I decided to fulfill my childhood dream. I have travelled throughout Europe, Australia and the US and can’t wait to expose my child to different cultures especially Italy. I just can’t wait to see the world through my child’s eyes!

    • My Hobbies:

      I volunteer at the local animal shelters where I spend ample time socializing and exercising dogs and cats. I love spending time on our family boat doing activities such as water-skiing, fishing, swimming and paddleboarding. I work out, play tennis, ski, snowmobile and will do anything active. Travelling to new places is my passion! I enjoy making my grandmother’s Lebanese dishes for family and friends as well as cook new recipes.

    • My Extended Family:

      I am very close to my family and am blessed to have been raised by a village. We can’t wait for the day to welcome my child into our loving “Lebanese Village”. I spend a lot of time watching my niece who’s 11yrs old and nephew who’s 4 yrs old at their hockey, cheerleading, lacrosse, swimming and piano lessons and events. Since they were very little, I created family traditions with them such as apple picking, pumpkin carving, painting holiday ornaments, making Christmas gingerbread houses and Easter Egg Hunts in my backyard.

    • Special Activities I Look Forward to Doing with My Child:

      We have a family beach house and I look forward to spending time with my child building sandcastles, catching crabs and playing in the tide pools. We can walk to the arcades to play skee-ball, video games, eat pizza and ice-cream just like I did as a child. I look forward to experiencing everything with my child. Ex: Going to places such as Disney World and Europe, practicing sports, bowling and helping them with their homework etc.

    • Holiday Gatherings:

      Holidays are always filled with lots of love, food and fun times singing karaoke, dancing and laughing about childhood memories. My favorite parts are listening to my dad sing Frank Sinatra songs and watching the kids throw wrapping paper everywhere as they open their presents!

    • My Home & Neighborhood:

      I live in a three floor townhouse close to Boston on a quiet one-way street overlooking the water. The neighborhood kids play ball, ride bikes, hoverboards and fish in the backyard. I am adjacent to a beautiful bike path and several playgrounds. My neighbors have become like another family to me and can’t wait to help with my child.

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