• About Us:

      Hi! We’re Adam and Emily. Adam is a research scientist working on treatments for rare diseases, and Emily manages an engineering team for a consumer appliance company. Claire is a 3-year-old whirlwind with a love of dancing, books, and playgrounds.




    • Our Story:

      We met about 10 years ago playing on an ultimate frisbee team together in the Boston area, and bonded quickly over our shared interests and values. We got married in 2018, bought a house in the suburbs in 2019, and welcomed our daughter Claire in 2020.

    • Our Hobbies:

      We love to travel, watch sports, do house projects, kayak, and have movie nights with friends. As a family, we like to stay active and to spend time outside, whether it’s going to the beach or pool in the summer, sledding in the winter, or playgrounds and parks whenever we can. At home there’s lots of art projects, reading, and chasing each other around the kitchen. We can’t wait to add another child to all these activities!

    • Our Extended Family:

      Most of our closest family are spread around the Boston area, and we see them as often as we can, including lots of holiday gatherings and taking vacations with Adam’s family to Cape Cod every summer. We love getting to see Claire grow up alongside her cousins, and can’t wait for our next child to get to do the same. Our mothers have both been helping us take care of Claire since she was just a few months old and are so excited to do the same for another grandchild.

    • Our Adoption Story:

      We’ve been considering adoption ever since we first started talking about starting a family. We were fortunate to have success with IVF to have our daughter, but as soon as we realized that wouldn’t be an option for our second child we dove right in to the adoption path. We’re so grateful that this is an option for us and are excited to grow our family in this way.

    • Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing with Our Child:

      Every year we spend a few weeks on Cape Cod with our extended family, at a house that used to be Adam’s grandmother’s. We spend lots of time outside – kayaking on the river, playing at the beach, taking in a baseball game, and riding the old carousel in town before getting some ice cream. We can’t wait to see our next child grow up enjoying these things with their big sister and cousins the same way Adam used to with his brother as a kid.

    • Holiday Gatherings:

      We love to gather with our families for the holidays throughout the year. We host Thanksgiving at our house, celebrate Christmas with both of our families, take in the fireworks on Cape Cod on the 4th of July, and get together with extended family for Hanukkah. We’ve passed down many of our childhood traditions and love getting to experience holidays through the eyes of our daughter and her cousins as they grow.

    • Our Home & Neighborhood:

      We live in a great house with plenty of room for kids to run around, both inside and out. Our neighborhood is always lively with lots of people outside walking and riding bikes. We’re friendly with many of our neighbors who also have young children, and often spend sunny days joining them for chalk-drawing in the driveway, visiting with their dogs, or having an impromptu picnic in the front yard.

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