Guide to Choosing an Adoption Agency

You have made the brave decision to place your baby for adoption. You have done your research, understand your options, and are ready to take the next step in creating a loving adoption plan for your child. Who will you choose to support you throughout this journey? In facing an unplanned pregnancy, it can be difficult for expectant/birth parents to know just where they can turn for reliable, ongoing support. There are thousands of different adoption services and professionals
available today, but who is best able to give you the assistance you need and deserve?

The adoption agency you select will be an integral part of your adoption plan, so it is important to take your time with this decision and choose wisely. The right adoption agency will be by your side not only as you prepare for the adoption, but also after placement and throughout your life. These are the professionals who will help you design the perfect adoption plan for your baby and the people who will ensure everything stays on track with your plan. The right agency will not only
remain committed to you, but also to your child as he or she grows. It is important, therefore, to follow your heart and your mind throughout this process. Choose the agency that can best answer your questions, that makes you feel most at ease, that listens to your wishes, and that can give you the support you deserve.

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