Questions Adoptive Parents Ask

  • How long does it take to adopt a newborn?
    At Adoptions With Love, the average adoption placement is within 6-24 months of completion of the home study.
  • What services are provided to Adoptive Parents?
    We have a full service program all provided by Adoptions With Love. There is no need to go to several different providers. Services include a complete home study, assistance in designing an album and letters to aid in matching with prospective expectant/birth parents, all legal work on the adoption and finalization, ICPC, post placement services, and finalization of the adoption in court.
  • What happens if the birth mother decides to parent the baby?
    This is a common concern for adoptive parents. We are committed to working with you on an adoption until you have your baby. You never lose the fees paid to Adoptions With Love.
  • How do expectant/birth parents locate the services of Adoptions With Love?
    We have a very robust online advertising campaign to reach expectant/birth parents nationwide, who are looking for adoption for their baby. We receive private hospital referrals as well as over 5,000 telephone and internet inquiries each year from expectant/birth parents. Adoptions With Love also has a 24-hour answering service accepting calls with a personal touch, never a recording.
  • Do we need an attorney to work with us in this process?
    Because this is a full-service adoption program, you do not need an attorney to work with you on this process. However, if you wish to have an adoption attorney, we can give you names of reputable attorneys in the area.
  • Will you be available to our family and child over the years if questions arise about adoption?
    The best part of working with our successful, experienced adoption agency is that we are here for you now and here for you in the future. Unlike attorneys and facilitators, we are always available to help. We provide ongoing education seminars for parents as well as individual and family counseling if the need arises. We have an active search and reunion program called “The Journey of Search” for young adults and their families, as well as the birth parents.

We care about you and know you have many questions about adoption. We would like to get to know you and help you make the best decision for your family.

Please feel free to call Amy, Nancy, Jess, Kate, Carli, or Brittany at 1-800-722-7731 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or complete the contact form by clicking the button below. We will be in touch with you shortly. We are here for you.

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