Our Mission

Adoptions With Love is the preferred domestic adoption agency providing compassionate, confidential and trustworthy services to find the best home for each child with lifelong support for everyone touched by adoption."

Our History

Adoptions With Love was founded in 1986 with the vision of providing compassionate care and meeting the needs of pregnant women contemplating adoption while finding the best home for each child. Adoptions With Love is a private, non-profit, licensed, full-service domestic adoption agency. Since 2001, under the direction of Amy Cohen and Nancy Rosenhaus, over 360 new families have been created. Birth parents continue to receive compassionate and comprehensive counseling during the adoption process and on-going support afterward. Some of the AWL birth parents still call today and stay in touch with the staff, updating Amy and Nancy about their lives. In May 2016, Adoptions With Love celebrated their 30th anniversary and over 2,000 placements of beautiful children with loving families. Now in 2019, AWL has completed over 2,500 placements.

Today, Adoptions With Love, Inc, remains the premier non-profit domestic adoption agency serving prospective adoptive parents and expectant/birth parents all over the United States.

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