Personal Stories

A special connection with a birth mother

She’s here!

Our daughter’s birth mother called us herself 20 minutes after our daughter was born to let us know. The joy that we felt was immeasurable and continues to grow by leaps and bounds every day. Dawn picked us about a month before Katie was born. We were so excited, nervous and terrified all at once. We couldn’t believe that our dream of having a child in our home was actually coming true but then we worried that the birth mother wouldn’t like us or worse, she would change her mind.

Dawn wanted to meet us before the baby was born so we flew to meet her. We wanted to meet her too so we could let her know about us and how much we would love her baby. We were anxious because we wanted her to like us. The meeting went wonderfully. We met her and her family and really hit it off. After chatting on the phone for the next few weeks, Katie was born. We were there to bring her home, well to a hotel, within 36 hours.

Over the course of the next week we spent a lot of time with Dawn and her family. We feel very lucky to have had this time with them because now we can let our daughter know all about her birth family and what they are like. We have pictures of all of us together having fun and that will be so important for Katie to see. We have such admiration and respect for Dawn. She made a very difficult and courageous decision. Katie will grow up knowing how much her birth mother loves her and that she wants the best for her.

Adoptions With Love supported us through the whole process, applying, placement and post placement. From the beginning all of the staff was so warm and friendly. They were honest about the stress of adoption but had the expertise to help us through it. Nancy and Amy answered all our questions happily, with honesty and they validated our feelings. They listened to our personal history and understood that we had been down a painful road before we came to adoption. The social workers used our story to help them make choices about the birth parents to show us to. When our daughter was born, AWL led us by the hand and told us step by step all that we needed to arrange and they helped us to get it done. Even though they had gone over the process with us before, we were so excited that we needed their guidance to make sure we attended to every detail. When we were away, their frequent phone calls were reassuring. Now that we are home, it is so wonderful to see how happy they are for us.

We are so thankful to Adoptions With Love for their expertise and guidance; We are so thankful to Dawn because she has given us the greatest gift anyone ever could. If we hadn’t adopted, we would have missed out on the most wonderful little girl in the world.