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Our Story

Nick is originally from Virginia and Zack is from Texas, but we lived just a few blocks away from each other in Brooklyn, NY. Zack returned to NYC after completing his Ph.D. and working as a journalist in England, while Nick moved to NYC to begin his Master’s degree, after serving in the Peace Corps in Africa. We fell in love quickly, are still incredibly happy together, and haven’t spent a day apart since!

Six years later, our friends and family celebrated our wedding in Cape Cod. Nowadays, Zack is a writer and a university professor of English, while Nick works at a non-profit that focuses on the diversity of families. We still love to travel, so we’re excited to introduce our child to new cultures and adventures. Our own adventurous lives led us to New England, where we’ve happily settled down and started our family with our son, Quentin, who we adopted three years ago.

We’re lucky that we can be very flexible. Zack gets all summer off, thanks to his teaching schedule, and he will take paternal leave when the baby first arrives. Nick will also take paternal leave shortly thereafter.

Qualities We See in Each Other

Nick on Zack: “Zack is a nonstop planner. He’s always looking for new activities for us to do as a couple and as a family - road trips to visit friends, day trips into Boston or other parts of New England, and of course our annual vacation to the beach. Zack is also hilarious - he can turn any chore or bad mood into a laughing fit and no one can get a gleeful giggle from our son like he can. And he’s my go-to for any crossword puzzle clues about TV and movies or actors and directors.”

Zack on Nick: “My best friend of 25 years just recently told Nick that he is smarter than anyone she has ever met, and I have to agree. Nick is very intelligent without having to work at it, but he’s also a total goofball who frequently cracks jokes and breaks into silly dances all over our house. He’s also a natural caretaker who loves to feed everyone in his immediately vicinity. He makes sure that our son’s juice cup is always full.”

Activities We Look Forward to Sharing

With our firstborn child we go on mini adventures every single weekend, be it on grand scale beach trips of European vacations, or smaller journeys like going to check out local ponds, farms, firehouses, cinemas, libraries, museums, sporting events, and more.  Our family doesn’t really sit around since there’s so much everywhere for us to go explore ! We look forward to doing these without second born child too, and so many more things.  Our family can pretty much make fun happen from any situation, place, or circumstance.

Extended Family & Holidays

Our family goes beyond just our blood relatives since we’ve lived in so many places and have made such a big family of friends (and their kids), too. So far our current son has—and our future child will have—three cousins in Utah and three more in Texas, plus lots of ‘local cousins’ and their loving aunts and uncles nearby in MA, too.

Christmastime is definitely our favorite and biggest holiday. We start prepping for Xmas the day after Thanksgiving and celebrate for the entire next month, by going to the Christmas tree farm, visiting Santa Claus, drawing ‘Dear Santa’ wish-lists, and then get together to party with a big group of family and friends! Our little town is picture-perfect year-round when it comes to holidays, so we go trick-or-treating as a family for Halloween, hunt for eggs on Easter, watch fireworks on the Fourth of July, and prepare a giant meal (with lots of pies) on Thanksgiving.

Our Adoption Story

We made a storybook, with real-life photos, for our first child about his adoption. We plan to do the same for the second child, too, so that he or she will know where he or she came from early-on. We’re already a ‘different’ family with two dads, so we happily embrace this factor and tell our kids positive stories about how they came to be in our family. We are open to ongoing contact/meetings with birthparents. Although this is not a requirement for whichever birthmother we’re matched with, we are certainly in favor of openness, so that our child can know as much as possible about him/herself. We see our first son’s birthmother at least a few times a year and exchange photos and messages year-round.

Our Home / Neighborhood

Three years ago we bought our dream home: a gorgeous 5-bedroom village colonial that’s been completely remodeled and has a huge fenced-in yard for our kids to play in (and get a puppy when they’re ready to take care of it!). Our house is constantly filled with the scents of yummy food cooking in the kitchen and the sounds of a very lively toddler and his dads laughing nonstop. We can walk into our town from our house, too, which we love, since restaurants, playgrounds, parks, shops, bookstores and libraries, and more, are so nearby.

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