Meet Will and Amber:

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About us:

We met while studying at the same school. After noticing each other in the street one morning, Will took the uncharacteristically bold move of approaching Amber in the college library and leaving her a note worried that he might never see her again. She called!

We fell in love quickly and have been together ever since we met, moving together to Los Angeles, New York, and back to Massachusetts. Our marriage and relationship has evolved in many ways, probably in part because we as people have basically grown up together, alongside each other. Our relationship and love have grown as we’ve encountered all the joys and challenges of our first 7 years of marriage. The best day of our lives so far was the birth of our son Silas in 2011. We feel that our family is not yet complete, and cannot wait to share our love with another child. Unfortunately, due to a medical issue, we are unable to have another child. We look forward to adopting our next child to bring more joy into our lives.

Will currently stays home with our son Silas, who is 5, and plans to stay home with the new baby as well. Having been through those youngest years once already with Silas, Will has learned many great ways to spend the day having fun and exploring that he is excited to share with our next child. Silas is extremely excited about having a new brother or sister and is already making lots of plans.

Amber works in marketing and makes commercials for a clothing brand. Will is a stay at home dad, musician, and filmmaker, able to fit his projects around his number one job of being a father.

Qualities we see in each other:

Will admires Amber’s hard work, practicality, and problem solving abilities. She is endlessly supportive and encouraging as well. As a mother she is very patient, supportive and a great listener. She is also a lot of fun and always up for an adventure.

Amber thinks that Will has an incredible moral compass, which guides us both a lot of the time. He is highly considerate of other people, and dedicates so much of his time to helping family and the people we know. We both value the same things – generosity, creativity, kindness, doing good for other people and the world, and having fun with life.

Our hobbies:

Amber enjoys reading, flower arranging, swimming, the beach, hiking, and travelling.
Will loves playing the guitar, drawing comics, vegetable gardening, kayaking, hiking, camping, and animation.

Special activities we look forward to doing with our child:

We are very focused on home and family, so we are really looking forward to having another child in the house and all of the fun and excitement that will come with it. Just the simple thought of hearing the two kids playing together in the yard. Some favorite activities we’re excited to share with our new child include reading favorite books, picking blueberries and raspberries in the yard, baking bread, singing and dancing, making pillow forts, camping, kayaking, going to museums, riding bikes. There are woods for hiking and learning about nature, farm animals to meet, beaches and the ocean, and lots of great playgrounds. It will also be exciting to see what interests our new child develops, and to help them explore those.

Extended family and holidays:

Our new child will be welcomed into an ever growing extended family, many of whom live locally. Amber’s parents are an hour away, and Will’s parents live 10 minutes away. We see both sets of parents often. Also 10 minutes away is Will’s sister and her family, including her 4 year old boy. He and Silas are great friends, and will be thrilled to have another playmate around! Will’s brother lives in England with his family. They have a 5 year old daughter with another daughter on the way. We manage to see them for a few weeks every year and it’s always a lot of fun getting the cousins together! Everyone is thrilled at the idea of a new baby in the family.

For holidays everyone gets together, at one of our parents houses or at our house. There’s a lot of overeating, children running around playing, walks in the woods, games in front of the fire, and conversation not to mention many laughs !

Our adoption story:

When the time is right we will be very honest with our child and tell them about the amazing sacrifice their birth parents made for them. We will explain to them that it was a truly selfless decision made out of love and with the child’s best interest in mind.

We are open to contact with the birthparents if this is something they desire as well. We truly respect the difficult decision the birthparents are making and will do as much as we can to to support them as long as it is in the best interest of the child.

Our home and neighborhood:

We live in a great community, overlooking the Atlantic ocean – a beautiful place to grow up. We have a colonial house on a quiet street. Our style is modern, laid-back, and very kid-friendly. There is a playroom, and a third bedroom waiting for our new child. We have a fenced-in backyard, with a few different vegetable gardens. It’s always very sunny, and has lots of room to play. Our front yard has a large flower garden, which is quite beautiful in the summer.

Our neighborhood is right by the ocean – you can walk to a few small and beautiful beaches – and has lots of children. We live a short walk from several amazing parks and playgrounds, two of which are right on the ocean. Our town has a lot of cool activities for kids on the main street for holidays, events at the town library, cafes downtown. We are a short drive from many great spots for hiking, nature preserves, museums, and more beaches.

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