Meet Tom and Kerry:

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About Us:

When we first met and started dating, we felt it was a match made in heaven, sharing both common and complimentary interests. We got married in the fall of 2013. Together we are more complete and a strong unit.

Kerry’s life is about children. She has volunteered with Operation Smile for years, has worked at Disney World and at a children's hospital, and is currently taking time away from work to be at home with our children. Tom is an electrical engineer with a very flexible schedule that will allow him to spend a lot of time with our children. Something he is very excited about doing.  Tom is an active, fun loving man, and a wonderful Dad to our son, Patrick.

Qualities we see in each other:

Tom says: “Kerry is a social butterfly. She loves to decorate and plan parties especially for the holidays. She loves cooking. She has welcomed my family. She has a kind heart, smiles and is upbeat, she is an amazing Mom to our son.”

Kerry says: “Tom is an incredible supportive, loving husband. He has a great sense of humor that makes me smile. I love watching him interact with our son and our nieces, nephews, and friend’s children. He is dedicated to anything he may take on and will have that same dedication in raising our family. “

What we do for fun:

Taking care of and playing with our son is the best part of our day.  Kerry enjoys photography and scrapbooking, as well as trying out new ideas for cooking\baking.  Tom is very good with his hands and is frequently busy doing projects around the house. We both enjoy the outdoors: gardening, camping, swimming, boating, hiking, and sailing.   Both of us have traveled extensively and seen a lot of the world.  We are looking forward to doing these activities and more with our children.

Our extended family:

We are both from fun families!  Tom's family is small which enhances his desire to nurture a family of our own. He is close to his parents who live in New York.  We visit them regularly and they are so excited about having another grandchild.  Kerry's family has about 30 people, including 5 first cousins all within a few years of each other. Their children are like nieces and nephews to us.  They even call Kerry Auntie. The holidays are a time that we always get together with our families.  We attend all of our niece and nephews’ birthdays, summer cookouts. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas day are a huge celebration where we see all of our family.

We are lucky to come from wonderful, supportive families.  We are both very close with our siblings and see them as often as possible.  We are incredibly close with our parents and enjoy getting together for all different occasions.  Everyone is very excited for us to adopt another baby!!

Home and neighborhood:

We have a great 3 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath home, on 1 acre of land.  There is a screened porch off the kitchen which leads out to a deck, and large yard with a swing set and tree house. There are beautiful flower gardens, and a vegetable garden.  Our neighborhood is quiet with many children on the street.   Hiking trails, farm stands, schools, a park, and the library are within minutes from our home.

We also have a house on a lake that has been in Kerry’s family for many years.  It will be a wonderful place to spend time enjoying the beach, paddle boats, sailboat and canoes with our children.

Our adoption story:

We will be sure our children will know their adoption was an act of love, not only by us, but also their birthparents.  With Kerry’s love of scrapbooking we will have books to not only tell but show them the story of their adoption.  We will be eternally grateful for being able to bring another child into our lives.  We adopted our first child and we meet with his birthmother twice a year.  We are open to having the same arrangement with the birthparents of our second adopted child.

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