Meet Tim and Josh:

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About us:

We met while living in upstate New York over 10 years ago.  In the three weeks until our first date, we wrote emails and talked and laughed for hours on the phone, building a foundation for what ended up being our best - and last first date.

We had an instant connection, we both love to joke around and laugh.  Shortly after we met, Tim was moving into a new apartment, Josh went the extra mile and helped Tim painting and moving in.  This casual time together making a home for Tim (which Josh moved into a year later) cemented our relationship. We moved to Massachusetts in 2007, and put down roots in our community here.

We both come from big families and always knew we wanted children.  Adopting Colin has made us closer and filled our home with joy and laughter.  We can’t wait to share that with another child.

 Qualities we see in each other:

Josh says, “Tim knows how to live in the moment and make the most of it.  He’s confident, smart, loving and loyal.  I know he always has my back and being with him makes me better “.

Tim says, “Josh is basically a big kid himself. All children love him and his joy is contagious and helps keep me young at heart.  He is also the kindest person I know.”

Josh is a Marketing Director and Tim is a Yoga Teacher and a stay at home Dad. Josh has 10 weeks of paternity leave that he’ll use and Tim has a flexible schedule and will be home with the new baby.

Our hobbies:

Tim enjoys practicing yoga, reading, music, video games and puzzles.  Josh loves doing projects around the house, gardening and skiing. As a family, we enjoy days at the beach and traveling to visit family and friends as well as exploring new places. Colin loves to swim, and we are in a pool all summer and try to get to the beach a few times every winter.  We have memberships to a few children’s museums and Colin loves to explore and learn with his friends.  We spend a lot of time with our family friends at our local playgrounds too.

Activities we look forward to doing with our new child:

Our son Colin is looking forward to showing a new brother or sister some of his favorite places and activities.  We live near a zoo, museums and a big park with multiple playgrounds and a community garden.  We love to ride bikes as a family in nice weather.  In the summer we also spend time at our family’s beach house, a couple hours drive from home.

Extended family and holidays:

We both come from large extended families and are both the oldest of 3 siblings.  The baby’s three uncles and one aunt-to-be are very excited for a new niece or nephew. There are also lots of cousins, young and old that we’ll visit when we see family for holidays and on vacations.

Holidays are an important time to gather, have fun and celebrate our family. We sometimes host extended family for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and some years we travel to their homes.  We love making big dinners and hosting lots of friends as well.  When spending time together we play games, do puzzles and take outings when together during holidays.

Our adoption story:

We know that for birthparents, making an adoption plan takes a lot of bravery and love for the child.  Just as we’ve started to do with our son, we are committed to talking openly about how we formed our family and about all those involved.  We’ll tell him/her first in the form of a bedtime story, later answer questions he/she may have.  We’re hopeful that we can learn as much as we can about our child’s birth family so that we can pass on their story of how we all worked together to form a family. In the same way we are open to on going contact and meetings with birthparents with our first son Colin, we continue to believe in being as open about all aspects of the family.

Our home and neighborhood:

We live in a house on a dead end street near the city.  Three neighbors on our street have kids under age 5.  We live near parks, playgrounds and a big pond with boats.  We can take the train to museums or the aquarium in just a few minutes.  Our neighborhood has many young families; we can walk from our house to restaurants, the post office, grocery store and a great ice cream shop!


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