Meet Ted and Raquel:

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About us:

We met while working at the same medical practice ten years ago and would see each other in passing; as we worked opposite shifts, we always said hi and bye and that was the extent of  our conversation.  Raquel left the practice and found herself working for another hospital not knowing Ted worked there per diem, so again we would laugh and joke as we said hi and bye.  It wasn’t until years later when Raquel went out with a girlfriend of hers who knew Ted and introduced us, not knowing we had known each other for the last five years.  We have been inseparable ever since!

Ted is a Polysomnographic Technician and Raquel is a Medical Assistant.   We both work short work weeks, about three days per week.  We will both be home most of the time with the baby.

Qualities they see in each other:

Raquel says about Ted,  “Ted has the kindest soul, he is always putting others before himself which is why I fell in love with him, he really is a selfless being.  Ted is also really compassionate in everything he does, he gives 100% every time.”

Ted says about Raquel, “Raquel’s confidence and honesty is what drew me to her, I admire her compassion for helping others, she really has a knack for it and loves what she does.  Her humor and smile can get anyone out of the roughest day.”

Activities we look forward to:

We are excited to spend our summers in Greece with Ted’s family and our little one.  We plan on traveling the world as a family.  We look forward to bedtime stories, going to the local farmers' market on weekends where they host a ton of child friendly events in the summer.  We both look forward to teaching our child to ride a bike, bake or play hockey.  Our best friends also adopted twins who are just a few months old, so we look forward to a lot of play dates in the near future.

Holiday gatherings:

We both come from very large families, so our holidays are always a big to-do! We celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter.  We usually have on average about 20-25 people over for the holidays.  Christmas is our biggest event and probably our most favorite holiday, every year there is a new host.  We do lots of cooking, baking and eating!

Our adoption story:

We plan on being open and honest with our child about adoption, letting them know the love their birthparents had for them and to be able to do something so selfless as adoption is something to be admired. We are grateful to have best friends who adopted twins from birth.  Being able to have support within friends and family and to relate to one another as they grow is going to be wonderful.

Home and neighborhood:

We live in a child friendly neighborhood on a quiet street.  Our home has a big fenced-in yard to play and run in.  We live just ten minutes from a beautiful beach where they spend a lot of time.

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