Meet Scott and Krysten:

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About us:

We met through mutual friends one night out on the town. Our first date was a dinner date, this is when we both became eager to spend more time together. After another date at the ice skating rink and out to the movies, we knew we were meant to be, we became inseparable and the rest, they say, is history !

Scott is a Police Officer and Krysten is a Registered Nurse.  Krysten has a very flexible job and is able to work from home, Scott intends to take a leave of absence from work once the baby arrives.

Qualities we see in each other:

Scott says about Krysten:  “I love how compassionate Krysten is. I love her positive attitude and her integrity. I appreciate how she can lighten any situation. Krysten is truly one of a kind and I admire her patience.”

Krysten says about Scott:  “I love how supportive Scott is. I  respect how motivating and smart he is.  Scott can always make  me laugh, I can see Scott playing ball or building a doll house with our child, he puts effort and thought into everything he does”

Our hobbies:

We enjoy being active and spending time outside, especially by the water. We both like to travel and have been travelled to many interesting places. Scott likes fishing, golf and  going to sporting events while Krysten likes crafting, crocheting and baking delicious treats for  many to enjoy !

Activities we look forward to doing with our child:

We are eagerly looking forward to many wonderful times, bed time stories, baking together, playing outside, swimming in the lake, attending dance recitals or sporting events, traveling to Disney, helping with homework, and making new traditions such as game night, to name a few.

Extended family & holidays:

Scott has quite a large family on both sides. Scott has many cousins who have children and every Sunday we gather at his mother’s house down the street to have Sunday dinner and catch up. Krysten has a smaller family, but many close friends whom have children that call her “Auntie Krysten.” We feel that we are constantly surrounded by friends and family daily, we are so lucky.

Holiday gatherings with our families are huge and always SO much fun. There are children running around everywhere and always more food than anyone can eat. Usually the house is packed with 30+ family members. Holidays are always full of laughter, fun and great memories .

Our adoption story:

We planning on being open and honest with our child about their adoption story. We plan on telling our child the sacrifice their birth parents made and how loved they are by everyone, we vow to be supportive to our child in every way we can.

Our home and neighborhood:

We live in a beautiful brand new home on a lake on a private  cul-de-sac. The neighborhood is quiet and friendly. Neighbor’s wave as they drive by and everyone gathers a few times a year. It is a great town for a child to grow up in and we look forward to introducing our new  arrival to the community.

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