Meet Sarah and Curtis:

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About Us

We met in 2009 and have been happily married since 2013. We share a love of music, art, the outdoors, and learning. Kindness and caring towards others are the things we value most in life.

Our Story

Sarah was working at an arts and crafts fair when we first met. After talking for a while, Curtis won Sarah over by returning with a surprise, desperately needed tea and muffin.

Our Home

We have a cozy home with two playful kitties in a vibrant, diverse community in the city. Our neighborhood is welcoming and full of great activities for families. All year round there are fun outdoor gatherings: a spring festival, a Halloween parade, craft fairs at Christmas time, and outdoor movies and concerts in the summer. Close to our house is a beautiful pond with a park where people bring their families and pets to walk and meet neighbors and friends.

Our jobs are close to home and we each walk to work. Sarah works for a museum, community center, and arts school that are in our neighborhood. Curtis is a computer scientist working with non-profit research labs that are trying to cure childhood cancer.

Our Hobbies

We love exploring nature, volunteering in our community, and traveling. We’ve toured ten countries together and look forward to visiting new places and taking road trips as a family. Art is an important part of our lives. Sarah teaches art and works as an illustrator and Curtis makes music and is an avid photographer.

Holiday Gatherings

Holidays are big events in our families. Most of Curtis’s extended family members (over 40 people!) live nearby and we see them for all the big holidays and some of the small ones. We travel to nearby New Hampshire to visit with Sarah’s family at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and throughout the year. We gather in someone’s house enjoying board games and lots of good food.  With so many people, it’s usually near someone’s birthday so there is always a cake and a lot to celebrate.

Our Adoption Story

Curtis had childhood cancer and has been cured and healthy for over 20 years.  We knew that we would not have a biological child because of Curtis’ treatment when he was a kid. We are excited to adopt a baby into our family.  We can’t wait to share with a child cookie baking on snowy days, summer fireworks over the harbor, and the kindness and opportunities we have had growing up in loving families in New England.

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