Meet Sam and Christine:

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About Us

We met online and hit it off right away. We spent the first few months as friends sailing in the evenings after work which would inevitably turn into dinner afterward. It seemed that we were constantly emailing, talking on the phone and getting together until we finally accepted fate that we were meant to be together! We were married two years later. Four years ago, we were blessed with a daughter named Catherine. Though we are unable to have any more biological children, we feel that our family is not complete and we cannot wait to welcome another child through adoption.  Catherine is also very excited to be a big sister!

Our Hobbies

Christine loves to spend time outside and as well as quiet time at home. She grew up skiing in winters and spending summers at the beach swimming and boating. She also loves to cook, work on puzzles or snuggle up with a great book!

Sam also loves to ski and spends his free time in the summer racing sailboats with friends. He is passionate about photography and is often found following Christine and Cate around using them as models!

Family time is very important to us and we make it a priority to spend time together as much as possible. As a family, we can often be found traveling, hiking, skiing, skating, swimming and boating or just hanging out at home baking, playing games or doing art projects. We look forward to sharing these experiences with a new baby and including new activities that our child finds special to them.

Qualities we see in each other

Christine says: Sam is by far my best friend and co-conspirator in life. He has the ability to make me laugh and find the light side of life. He is supportive of whatever I want to do, listens to me when I am upset and is always willing to join me in any crazy adventure that I come up with. Since becoming a dad, I find myself loving and respecting him even more as he is so loving and patient with our daughter. He is the most amazing dad and I couldn’t envision raising a child with anyone else.

Sam says: Christine is my best friend, my confidant, travel companion and the best mother I could possibly have found. We enjoy spending time together as a family going on adventures (ranging from a trip to the zoo to a trip to Panama), having game night and trying our luck at a vegetable garden.

Our Family

Family is very important to us. Christine’s parents live 15 minutes away and love to visit or have us over for special Nana & Grandpa play time. Sam’s parents live only a few hours away which makes weekend visits easy.

We are very close to our extended family and aside from the 11 aunts and uncles welcoming the baby home will be 14 first cousins! Ranging in age from 16 years to 3 months, our child will have lots of playmates whether we are spending time at home, summer weekends at Christine’s parents’ cottage, time at Sam’s family home in Maine or skiing at their uncle’s house in New Hampshire. Everyone is excited to welcome a new baby to the family!

Our Home

Our home is a 4 bedroom colonial on a quiet, one way street with wonderful neighbors. We have a backyard with room to play, grow a small garden and have fires when it is warmer. The yard and driveway are fenced in making space to ride bikes and play.

We live in a vibrant neighborhood on the outskirts of Boston. We are a short train ride downtown to all the museums and events there while having plenty of playgrounds and parks within walking distance. We are just a few blocks to the village where there is shopping, restaurants, a library and ice cream shops. There is a farmers market in the summer that is a popular gathering place for local families. The Zoo, skating rink and ski slope are a short drive away as well.

Our Adoption Story

We intend to be very honest with our child from birth to be sure that they understand they are a gift from a very special woman who has chosen us to raise them, love them and embrace them within our family. As our child becomes older and able to understand the difficult circumstances people experience in life with understanding and compassion, we intend to share all the information we have that contributed to your choice for us to raise this child. It is important to us for this child to respect your decision and know it was made out of love.


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