Meet Rory and Jason:

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About Us

Rory is a real estate attorney and owns his own firm.  Jason is a digital media sales director who works for a major broadcasting company.  We met each other through our softball league and through the support and encouragement of our many mutual friends.  We have been together for over nine years and married since 2014.

We live with our dog, Rosie, who is a gentle, loving, twelve-year-old Viszla-Lab mix that Jason rescued ten years ago from a local shelter.

We are each other’s strongest supporters in all areas of life, closest friends, most trusted confidants, and most reliable business advisors.  Through the years, we have grown from a couple into a family ready to welcome a child.

Our Hobbies

We enjoy playing softball together and socializing with our friends after our games, learning about the local real estate markets throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire as we investigate investment opportunities, traveling to interesting destinations near and far, hosting dinner parties with our friends in Boston, and spending time at our place on Cape Cod or at our lake home (which usually includes skiing, boating, hiking, and campfires).

Qualities We See in Each Other

Rory is thoughtful, incredibly smart, and very level-headed.  He has an amazing ability to analyze current events and can name the capital city of every country in the world.  He cares deeply about his family and friends, all of whom enjoy spending time with Rory.

Jason is confident, quick-witted, and meticulous.  He juggles many leadership roles at work and in his community, and is a thorough planner.  Jason is loyal, patient, and honest, and surrounds himself with others who share these traits.

Our Extended Family

We are both so fortunate to have amazingly loving and supportive extended families.  Rory has a younger brother and sister and remains close to both of them.  Jason is an only child, but has twelve first cousins who have a total of fifteen children among them.  Jason’s parents have been married for over 47 years, and Rory’s have been married for almost 40 years.

Our Adoption Story

We are enthusiastic about adoption to grow our family.  As a same-sex couple, our options for children are limited.  Nevertheless, we see this prospect solely as a blessing.

Both Jason’s and Rory’s parents are impatiently excited for our prospective adoption, and they are offering their full support.  Our other friends and family members share their excitement, including other same-sex couple friends whose lives have been enriched and families built through adoption.  We see the joy that children bring in the lives of our friends, and we look forward to sharing our lives and completing our family with the addition of a child.

Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing with Our Child

Our parents actively encouraged our educational opportunities.  Rory and Jason both excelled at school, and we hope to share the gift of learning with our child.  We look forward to teaching our child how to be both book-smart and worldly.  We intend to teach our child how to appreciate the diverse community around us, embrace our differences, and think independently.

Beyond that, we plan to introduce our child to the many benefits of living in an upscale urban setting while living within a short drive of the ocean, the mountains, and the woods.  Sports, nature, community service, popular culture, music, live theatre, and being outdoors are all activities that we intend to share in an effort to allow our child to gravitate to whichever interests him or her the most.

Our Home & Neighborhood

We live in a newly constructed large condominium unit across from a public park in South Boston’s City Point neighborhood.  The building contains six homes, all owner-occupied.  Within our building, there are three families with children, one with a newborn and two with school-age children.  Our neighborhood contains many public parks, public beaches, historical monuments, restaurants, shops, public schools, and private schools.  Directly across the street from our home is a city-maintained park that includes two softball fields, one little league field, a basketball court, a playground, a dog park, and plenty of green space.  Within a short walk, there are additional athletic fields, public tennis courts, and a skating rink.

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