Meet Paul and Kara:

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About us:

We have been praying to adopt for years now and we are so grateful that you've viewed our profile. Our home is filled with love and laughter and our whole life revolves around our children. They are by far the greatest blessing we've ever received.

Paul works in finance and strategy for a large company. Kara is a full-time mom who sells real estate as a hobby. We love spending time at home with our kids and taking them to soccer, karate, piano, tennis – anything they want to try!

We met during college but didn't have our first date until the very end of senior year. We both needed dates to commencement ball so we decided to go together and never left each other’s side the whole night. I think we both knew that night that we were a perfect match!

Our hobbies:

Kara loves to cook and both kids have picked up her love of experimenting with baking, especially around the holidays. She also loves to meditate and is starting to introduce the kids to mindfulness tools and ways to unplug and recharge your spirit. She is always working for the school’s PTA.

Paul loves to play on the town softball league – they won the championship this fall! He also loves to play golf and is starting to teach the kids in the back yard. Our favorite place to spend time as a family is the beach. We spend a month every year at the same small beach that Kara grew up going to with her extended family. There are a total of 32 of us there every summer and we have relay races and tug-of-war teams every 4th of July before the cookout and fireworks. We can't wait to bring a new child into these fun and special family traditions.

Qualities we see in each other:

Kara describes Paul as the smartest, most dedicated, hard-working person anyone could ever meet. Once committed to a goal he won't rest until he achieves it, and his success is only outdone by his humility.

Paul loves Kara’s creativity, especially in the kitchen! He also loves that she is devoted to both of their extended families, spending time helping with grandparent’s errands and tasks while the kids are in school.

Holidays and extended family:

If we are lucky enough to be chosen to expand our family, we can't wait to introduce them into our close-knit extended family. Every baptism, holiday, wedding, and birthday are celebrated with gatherings 30 people strong of our siblings and their spouses plus their children as well as our parents. There is never a shortage of love or fun for our kids! Kara’s sister is expecting her first child in May and Paul's brother has a 4 year old and 1 year old. Our kids LOVE babies and are obsessed with their cousins!

At Thanksgiving each cousin gets to paint their hands and make a handprint on a special family heirloom table cloth. It is wonderful to see them grow and see the family circle expand! We always host Thanksgiving at our home and the kids help Kara bake for days. Both of our children have always said the same thing during the sharing of grace: that they are most thankful for their little cousins! Christmas Eve is always celebrated at one of our aunt’s homes and the children are always the highlight. The joy and excitement are contagious and even if the holiday season has us tired we can't resist feeling like kids ourselves by the end of the night!

Our adoption story:

We expect and pray for permanent contact with our new child’s birth parents. We believe that a child can never have too many people who love them. We would like to become a part of a birth parent’s life in whatever way he or she is most comfortable with and we believe that this is in the best interests of the child. We haven't painted the new child’s room yet because we would like the birth parent to select their favorite color. We would like to do this as a constant reminder of the sacrifice they are making and the bravery and selflessness of their choice to make an adoption plan. We would like our new child to know that they were adopted because God’s grace led them to be placed in our arms by a loving birth parent trying to ensure the most secure and abundant future for their child.

Our home is very ready for a new baby! We built our dream house in 2015 and our neighborhood is crawling with young children. The kids roam freely in and out of each other’s yards after school and they even have a team theme song! There have been two new babies on the street so far this year, so a new baby in our home would have perfect playmates.

We both felt a calling to adopt from a very young age and we're lucky enough to share this common goal. When we had our two current children, we lived out of state for Paul to attend graduate school. Because adoption laws vary state by state and we didn't know how long we would live near his school, we couldn't pursue adoption then but this has always been the plan. We feel lucky to be viewed by you today and we hope that your journey through this time is a safe and loving one.

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