Meet Mitch and Rebekah:

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About Us

We are a happily married couple of almost 8 years who share our home with our puppies Slash & Jackson. Mitch is a mechanically minded Senior Program Coordinator at a flooring company whereas Rebekah talks big trucks to fleet customers working for a major US auto manufacturer.

Our Hobbies

We love as a couple to go hiking, kayaking, zip-lining and camping. We have been lucky enough to travel with some of our favorite spots being Azores, Portugal and Jamaica. Mitch likes projects including model building and puzzles whereas Rebekah loves to putter around her garden and cook for friends and family. Together we visit the TD Garden to watch our Boston Bruins play.

Qualities We See in Each Other

Mitch on Rebekah: “She is incredibly nurturing to everyone she meets. She is utterly fearless and takes on challenges head on with a good game plan. Rebekah is extremely passionate for what she believes in and extremely open minded.

Rebekah on Mitch: “Besides being the ying to my yang, I adore the way his little cousins light up around him. His logical approach to life is a complete balance to my sometimes outside the box thinking. He is humble, he is kind and he can make me laugh with only a look”.

Our Extended Family

We are blessed to have a very diverse group of friends and family that absolutely cannot wait for a new addition. Everyone is so excited to meet you.

Our Adoption Story

Due to medical reasons as a child, Mitch knew starting a family could be a struggle. Rebekah loved Mitch but perhaps didn’t understand how difficult this process would be. After years of struggles, failed treatments and disappointment, we decided adoption was our next step. Once that decision was made, it felt like the largest weight was lifted off our shoulders, we too could start a family. And that is where our story really begins…

Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing With Our Child

Singing lullabies and reading bedtime stories. Building pillow forts in the living room. Hiking and camping, witnessing through their eyes seeing something new. Playing sports out in the backyard with Mitch. Rebekah’s little chef in the kitchen, assisting in baking and cooking. Teaching them to ride a bicycle and help them with homework. Holidays are important to us here and filled with friends and family; we cannot wait for our baby to become a part of those long-standing family traditions.

Our Home and Neighborhood

We have a huge fenced-in backyard meant for exploration, especially in Rebekah’s flower garden. Mitch could take them adventuring  in the woods behind our backyard and go stomping through the stream. We have a rock meant to climb on, waiting on some little legs. Inside the home is cozy with a lot of loving, personal touches. The nursery is in a quiet room, towards the back of the house. The child will sleep to the sounds of crickets at night and birds chirping in the morning.

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