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Mike grew up in New Jersey as an only child, and went to college not too far from home, eventually taking his first full-time job in the Boston area. Emily grew up in western Massachusetts, the oldest of four kids. After college, she spent a couple years teaching on a small island in the Pacific as part of a volunteer program. Afterwards, she moved back to her hometown and worked nearby, but would frequently go into Boston on weekends to visit friends. As luck would have it, we met on one of those weekends at a gathering of mutual friends about 10 years ago. We dated for about 4 years and have been married now for over 5! Currently, Emily is a teacher at a nearby public library and Mike works in the tech industry as an electrical engineer.


Emily loves reading, running, crafting, and paddleboarding. She also likes to catch up with her siblings and childhood friends, many of whom also live in the Boston area. Mike enjoys listening to audiobooks and podcasts, and playing or watching sports with friends. He likes tinkering and building and always has some small project going on around the house. Together, we share a love for silly jokes, being outdoors, playing board games with friends, and snuggling with our two cats Boots and Busta in front of the TV. We both enjoy traveling and loved the adventure of living in Beijing, China together for two years on a work assignment. We look forward to taking our child to places we have been and to many new places we can explore together.


We’re very different people - Mike tends to be analytical, calm, and introspective with a dry sense of humor, while Emily is creative, ambitious, bubbly, and engaging. Left to his own devices, Mike would likely fall into a predictable, uninteresting routine. Left to her own devices, Emily might fall into disorganization and chaos! But together, Mike provides the stability and grounding to the relationship while Emily provides the energy and creativity that make life interesting and meaningful. Together, we help to moderate each other’s flaws and anxieties, but accentuate our individual strengths. We support each other, we rely each other, and we laugh with each other - a lot.


We are excited to share in some big adventures with our child, but especially in the many small, everyday adventures! We can’t wait to have a little one toddling around, playing with our pets, splashing in puddles, and building amazing Lego creations.

Emily: I’m looking forward to taking our child to explore the beach near our home and to enjoy sing-alongs and storytime at our library. I can’t wait to teach them how to make crafts, do kitchen science experiments, and dance around the living room.

Mike:  I’m excited to chase our child around the house, jump in piles of leaves with them, play games with them, and help them take things apart to understand how they work. It will be a lot of fun teaching them how to throw a baseball, shoot a basketball, and catch fish.


We’re lucky to have Emily’s sisters, parents, and grandmother nearby and we see them often, either in her hometown or out on the coast. We especially love spending the big holidays together and taking part in family traditions - getting a Christmas tree, cooking a massive meal on Thanksgiving, hunting for Easter eggs, and celebrating birthdays together. Often, we invite our close friends to join in the festivities. Emily’s brother and extended family also live in the northeast. We see them a few times a year for family gatherings. We adore being aunt and uncle to her brother’s two young children and look forward to welcoming another niece or nephew in the next year when Emily’s sister has a baby, too! Mike comes from a very small family. His Mom lives in North Carolina and we visit her several times a year, including traditionally on New Year’s. But she’s currently making plans to move up to Boston very soon, because she wants to be close to her grandchild! We are grateful for FaceTime so we can catch up with her, his aunts, and his uncle despite the miles that separate us.


We recently purchased a warm and sunlit home for our growing family in one of Boston’s most vibrant and historic communities. There are lots of families around with young children, and we have playgrounds and great schools just a few minutes’ walk from our home. We run most errands by foot since we have grocery stores, shops, restaurants, great medical care, and access to public transit just a few blocks away. Also in walking distance is our local library, a beach, an aquarium, and museums with great activities for kids.

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