Meet Mark and Wendy:

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About Us:

Wendy is a Second Grade Teacher and Mark is a Financial Analyst.

We met online over 10 years ago and have been married almost 9. Our first date was at a sports bar watching a basketball game and eating dinner.  We had great conversation and planned another date that same week.

Our Hobbies:

Wendy enjoys spending time with Gabriella especially all summer being a teacher.  We enjoy going to the beach, travelling.  Wendy also likes to garden, go to the gym, as well as go to sporting events and concerts.

Mark enjoys spending time with Gabriella and taking her to the playground.  He enjoys watching and playing sports.  He likes going to the gym as well as travelling and going to sporting events and concerts.

Qualities We See in Each Other:

Wendy about Mark: Mark is the most caring person I have ever met.  He is very close with his family and would give anyone the shirt off his back.  He is loving, calm, honest and has a great sense of humor.  I love the way he connects with our daughter.  They have a very special bond that reminds me of the bond between my Dad and I.  I love how Mark surprises me with dinner and all of us with vacations.  I always tell him he should work as a travel agent.  Every time we go on vacation everything is planned perfectly.  Not only do I love having him as my life long partner, I love him even more seeing him as a dad.

Mark about Wendy: Wendy is caring, patient and always makes me laugh with her funny sarcastic sense of humor & outgoing personality.  She is always the one that lights up the room and makes everyone laugh when we are with a group of people.  Wendy is undoubtedly the best Mother and Wife. Words cannot describe the bond between Wendy and our daughter. Wendy brings out the best in me and constantly inspires me to be a better person. She cares about every single child she teaches like they are her own.  She always finds a way to bring the best out in every child and finds something special about each one.

Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing With Our Child:

Currently we do so many fun and exciting things with our daughter.  We can’t wait to add to the excitement with another child.  We will continue to travel to different places.  Gabriella has been on a plane 5 times and is only 2 ½.  She has been to Disney World, Mexico and on a cruise.  We can’t wait for a sibling to join her in the fun.  We love going on day trips to the museum, aquarium and water park.

Holiday Gatherings:

Our holiday gatherings our huge.  We recently had a family reunion weekend with 51 relatives.  Most of our holidays include at least 20 people.  Her grandparents and aunts and uncles love spending time with her for every holiday. We have so many laughs, play games and Gabriella gets to play with all of her cousins.  We always look forward to the next holiday gathering.

Our Home & Neighborhood:

We have the most amazing neighborhood.  There are eight families with children that we are incredibly close with.  We go to birthday parties, have barbecues, play dates and swim frequently.  We also go to the beach and take vacations together.  We get together on Halloween and go trick-or-treating.  We also spend the 4th of July together at the beach watching the fireworks.  Our daughter absolutely loves all the kids in the neighborhood with ages ranging from 1 years old to 11 years old.

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