Meet Lon and MaryClaire:

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About Us

Hi! We are Lon and MaryClaire. Thank you for taking the time to read our story! We met through a summer softball league eight years ago and have been married for six years.  Lon proposed at MaryClaire’s favorite spot in Acadia National Park which we continue to visit.  We both work in healthcare where MaryClaire works at a cancer research center and Lon works at a medical laboratory.

Our Hobbies

We like to be outdoors and enjoy skiing, hiking, biking, and taking in new scenery.  We like to travel and these trips together have helped us grow as a couple and created great memories. We like to cook and MaryClaire bakes; we learned helpful cooking tips from our parents that we look forward to sharing with our child as we cook together. Lon is a talented musician and we are excited to share our musical interests with our child.

Qualities We See in Each Other

From Lon, of MaryClaire: MaryClaire deeply cares and loves people.  She lives her life so that the moment she is presently in is the only moment that currently matters.  I fell in love with her instantly.  She sings nursery rhymes and has been collecting children’s books for years that she knows word for word.   Watching her interact with our nieces, nephews, and friend’s children have shown me just how great of a mother MaryClaire will be for our children.

From MaryClaire, of Lon: Lon first caught my eye in the cafeteria at work and I was excited to meet him at softball.  Right from the start I was comfortable being with Lon and I enjoyed the time we spent dating. I am blessed to call Lon my husband and best friend. Lon leads by example, has a generous and empathetic heart and is an attentive and sweet husband. Connecting with kids comes very natural to Lon. Lon is a good story teller, is musical and is funny as well! Lon will be a fantastic Dad to our child!

Our Extended Family

Our families and our dear friends share in the excitement we have to adopt a baby. We gather with our families multiple times a year for holidays, birthdays, and special events. There are many people who are waiting to meet our son or daughter and to be in his or her life.

Our Adoption Story

We are thrilled that we can grow our family through adoption. We will be honest with our child to explain his or her story and the selfless decision his or her birth parents made to make an adoption plan.

Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing with Our Child

It will be a joy to experience every day with our child and we look forward to snuggles, hugs, kisses, reading books, jumping in leaf piles, catching lightning bugs, baking, cooking, playing music, visiting with family and friends, connecting with neighbors, biking, hiking, laughing, making snowmen, going to church, watching our child learn, traveling and making memories in many other ways.

Our Home & Neighborhood

We live in the suburbs in a home that has a nice yard and is on a quiet street. Our neighbors are wonderful friends of ours and are very friendly and welcoming. Our neighborhood is a fun place year-round and especially so during trick-or-treating! Our cozy home is set and ready for us to welcome home our child.

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