Meet Kevin and Lynda:

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About us:

We met during our freshman year of college. Kevin’s roommate was classmates with Lynda and we ended up meeting through him (he was the best man at our wedding). We have been inseparable ever since and we still celebrate the anniversary of our first date.

Lynda is a high school librarian and Kevin works for a private jet travel company.

We both plan on taking time off to spend with the baby in the beginning. Lynda works at a school, so she has summers off, school vacation weeks, and holidays that she will always spend at home with our child. Kevin works from home.

Our hobbies:

Lynda loves to read, dance at her weekly Zumba class, and spend time with family and friends. Kevin likes to spend his free time playing golf, reading, cooking, and watching his favorite sports teams. Together, we enjoy going on walks around our neighborhood and going to the beach.

Qualities we see in each other:

Kevin says, “Lynda makes me a better person than I would otherwise be without her. She is very compassionate and thinks about how any situation will impact the feelings of others as much as how they will impact her own feelings. She also has a bright, outgoing personality that makes me enjoy every moment we get to spend together.”

Lynda says, “Kevin is a true life partner who knows me better than anyone else and is someone that I feel I can honestly be myself around. The things I love most about him are his loyalty, his sense of humor, and practical yin to my yang. We really are a team and we enjoy doing most things together.”

Activities we look forward to:

We look forward to sharing our hobbies with our child as well as nurturing their own interests and doing everything we can to help encourage them to discover who they are as a person. Books and reading will be a big part of our child’s life; we’ll make regular trips to our public library and their room will always be well stocked with quality books. We enjoy going to the beach and the pool regularly. We can’t wait to build sandcastles, swim, and play games together at the beach. As our child gets older, we are excited to attend all of their sports and/or other extracurricular activities. We also love to travel and look forward to making lots of family memories while exploring new and exciting places together.

Extended family & holidays:

Holidays are always spent with our families. Lynda’s parents, brother, and extended family live close to us and Kevin’s parents, brothers, and extended family live farther away so we alternate where we spend Thanksgiving and Christmas each year. We host Lynda’s immediate and extended family at our house when it’s our year for Thanksgiving or Christmas as well as Easter every year. Kevin has a large extended family and Thanksgiving dinner with them usually includes about 50 people. We really look forward to seeing everyone at these holiday gatherings. There’s always lots of yummy food, games, and laughter as people tell stories catching each other up about their lives. We can’t wait to include our child in these special memories.

Our adoption story:

Our child will always know how loved they are. We’ll teach our child about adoption from the very beginning. We’ll share whatever information about our birth parents that they’re comfortable with. We’ll use picture books to show them what adoption is and what it means for our family and we’ll always answer all their questions. We want our child to know about their background and make sure they know how positive their adoption is for everyone involved. We will teach our child about their birth parents and they will always be mentioned in the most positive way because they are the one who brought us all together.

We are completely comfortable with an open adoption if that is something the birth parents are interested in as well. We are happy to send updates/photos and to arrange a meeting once a year.

Our home & neighborhood:

We own a singles family colonial style home and love our neighborhood. We are in a great location which includes short walks to three parks, a downtown with many restaurants, shops, and a farmer’s market, as well as a town pool that we go to regularly in the summer. We are only a 5-minute drive to a zoo, a pond with boat rentals, several hiking trails, and a 30-minute drive to the beach. We live in an excellent school district and the local elementary school is only a short walk from our house. We’re also fortunate to live near our close friends, many of whom have young children.

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