Meet Kevin and Jonathan:

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About Us

Kevin is a high school vice principal after having taught for over ten years. Jonathan is an architect. Hugo is our adorable 2-yr old French Bulldog. We have a very special story. We met when Kevin found Jonathan’s wallet on the street. It’s been eight years together and we have been married for two of those. Our story is special to us and is always a great ice breaker when meeting new people!

Our Hobbies

We are active individuals and together as a couple. We both love to travel. We spend a lot of weekends at Jonathan’s parent’s house on Cape Cod and look forward to taking our child there. Jonathan is more of the cook and Kevin the host, and we love to have dinners with friends and family, both in our house and out at restaurants. Kevin is a distance runner and has completed five marathons. Jonathan brings his creativity from his profession into the home doing special art and craft projects around the house. Most of all, we love to do things together as a couple.

Qualities we see in each other

Jonathan is a very intelligent, caring man with a good head on his shoulders. He loves to be around people and is always planning our next outing, trip, hangout, etc. Jon is not one to sit around without a plan or purpose. He has an infectious laugh and smart witty sense of humor, appreciated by anyone he is around.

Kevin is a warm and truly kind person.  He is calm and a problem solver.  His patient and positive attitude is a great asset to a household.  People find Kevin easy to be around, and he is quick to make new friends.

Our Extended Family

We are both lucky to have loving accepting families. We each have a sister (Jonathan’s is younger, Kevin’s is older). Neither sister have children yet, so our parents are looking forward to being grandparents. Our extended family is large and full of love and laughter. Holidays with them are spent recounting stories, maintaining traditions, and watching the various dogs and children run around and play. Time on Cape Cod with family is something we always treasure.

Our Adoption Story

We’ve both wanted to have children of our own for as long as we can each remember, and we look forward to learning about an adoptive child’s journey! We will do everything we can to show our child the love and sacrifice their birth parents have for them. We are happy to have an open adoption and determining, with the birth parents, what that will look like and what will be best for our child.

Special Activities we look forward to sharing with our child

We look forward to showing our child the cultural, sports, and historic aspects of Boston. Traveling around New England, our country, and the world will be very special to do as a family. We look forward to filling our child’s room with bookshelves and spending special time learning and reading together. Jonathan’s love for arts and crafts will allow our child to explore their creative side (and maybe they can even teach Kevin a thing or two). Most importantly, we look forward to doing these things together!

Our Home/Neighborhood

We live in a bright, cozy, new single-family home.  Our neighborhood is full of families and laughing children of all ages.  While being in Boston gives us all of the excitement and activities a city has to offer, our street is peaceful and calm, and right by many parks and playgrounds.

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