Meet Karen:

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About Karen:

I lead the professional development & training team in a law firm and focus on developing training programs and providing resources, coaching, and career guidance to attorneys and staff. I really enjoy counseling people and helping them to learn, grow and develop.

My hobbies:

I love being active and trying new activities. I enjoy hiking and taking my dog for long walks, traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures. I also enjoy volunteering with my dog, playing and watching sports, practicing yoga and exercising, reading, cooking and baking healthy food, listening to music, dancing, and taking photos.

Activities I look forward to doing with my child:

I love the seasons and look forward to enjoying all that each season has to offer with my child: apple picking and dressing up for Halloween in the fall; sledding, ice skating and skiing in the winter; watching the daffodils bloom, having cookouts and taking long walks in the spring; and going to the beach and eating lobster and ice cream in the summer.

I cannot wait to play in the yard with my child, to teach him/her to read, ride a bike and swim, and travel to and explore new places. I also am excited to introduce my child to my family’s holiday traditions, especially cooking a big Thanksgiving feast, decorating the Christmas tree and baking Christmas cookies.


I have a very close-knit family. My parents visit often and my brother and his wife and 4-month old daughter live about 15 minutes away. I spend a lot of time with my niece, who cannot wait to have a cousin close in age. I have seven first cousins who have children ranging in age from twelve to thirty years old who will welcome my child with open arms and serve as role models and mentors. In addition to my family, my child will have several “cousins” who are children of very dear friends ranging in age from 14 months to 15 years old. And, I have a sweet, playful and loving 8-year old boxer pup who makes me smile and laugh every day, and who loves children.


Family holiday gatherings are lots of fun and filled with time spent with family and friends, decorating the Christmas tree, hanging stockings and putting up holiday lights, baking and eating yummy homemade foods and treats, listening to music, opening presents, playing games by the fire, telling stories, and lots of laughter.

Adoption story:

I plan to be very open about my adoption journey and that of my child, teaching him/her not only about my family's heritage and traditions, but also the story of his/her birth family. I will continue to educate myself to ensure my child has a wonderful and positive experience and has access to information that will he/she would like. I hope that through this openness my child will understand just how special and loved he/she is, and how courageous and selfless his/her birth parents were in making the huge sacrifice they made for his/her future.

Contact with birthparents:

I am open to meeting with and having ongoing contact with my child’s birth parents and look forward to sharing my child’s adoption story with him/her.

Home and neighborhood:

I have a really great 3-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home in a wonderful neighborhood, on a quiet one-way street with fabulous neighbors and young families as well as people who have grown up and have lived here forever. It's the kind of neighborhood where everyone says hello and waves when you drive by and there are get-togethers for everyone on the block. I have lots of green space and there are wonderful parks, playgrounds and walking trails nearby.

I also have a vacation home in a family-friendly community near the ocean, just over an hour away, that provides access to swimming, playing on the beach, boating, fishing, tennis, and relaxing by the fire in the winter.


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