Meet Josh and Peter:

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Our Story

We met a little over 9 years ago at a child psychiatric hospital where Peter was a medical student that Josh worked at as a counselor. After dating, we moved together across the country for Peter to start surgical training and Josh to start a PhD. We were married a couple of years ago and having a strong marriage is something we value.

We share our home with two gentle and loving dogs, Meeko and Bailey. Our dogs enhance our lives and adore spending time with us. Whether relaxing at home or taking walks around the city, they revel in showing affection to everyone around them, especially kids!

We were both fortunate enough to be raised by loving and supportive parents and always had a lot of family and friends to care, guide, and encourage us growing up. Our family and friends are spread across the country. We see them several times throughout the year for birthdays, holidays, and family events like our yearly ski trip. Our most intimate family and friends provide us with an unbelievable support system and cannot wait for us to welcome a new family member!

Peter Talks About Josh

Josh is both the smartest and most kind and gentle man I have ever met. His first thought is always about those around him - he wants to hear everyone’s story, and makes it easy to be your most genuine and authentic self. I’ve never seen people open up and feel so comfortable so quickly with anyone else. What I admire most about my husband is that he always uses his incredible talents and accomplishments to help make others’ lives better, and that’s where he finds his joy. I always try and follow his example both in my personal life and at work, and am so excited to see him be a father.

Josh Talks about Peter

Peter has an incredible ability to put people at ease. Peter’s brilliance, enthusiasm, and hard work have made the seemingly impossible a reality throughout our relationship. He sets high expectations for himself and makes a concerted effort to grow and change. Peter’s endearing personality and compassion influences all those around him and I can only imagine how close our child will be to his heart.

Things We Love to Do

  • Travel
  • Spend time with our family and friends
  • Watch movies at home and in the movie theatre
  • Cooking and trying new restaurants
  • Walk our dogs
  • Host social gatherings and holidays like Christmas & Thanksgiving

Our Home & Neighborhood

We recently bought a 1950s single level ranch home and completely renovated it so that we could grow our family in a safe and comfortable physical environment and supportive neighborhood. It is a modern home with three bedrooms and three full bathrooms that was built with young children and our small dogs in mind. We have a spacious and private backyard to enjoy time outdoors. We live in a neighborhood that is progressive, diverse, and welcoming to gay families. There are multiple excellent private and public schools, restaurants, shopping, and parks than we can count within walking distance!

Our Life as Parents

While we both have experience with children, we understand that parenting is an entirely different experience. The challenges of parenting present themselves throughout a child’s life and we hope to be reflective as we encounter them. We want a child to adventure with, to show the wonders of the world to, and to raise to be an incredible human being. We want our child to understand their birth parents’ great love for them, and to admire their strength and selflessness. As our child grows, we plan to share their adoption story. We want them to be proud of who they are and where they came from.

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