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About Us

We met in 2009 through our church. Jonathan had attended for many years and Kristine had just moved to the area.  Jonathan was a leader for an annual youth mission trip, doing home repairs for people who needed them, and Kristine volunteered to help as well.  Jonathan was impressed to find a woman who could swing a hammer, and after a while, he invited her to lunch after church. Kristine thought it was so sweet that he was being nice to the new girl!  One day, he invited her to hear one of his favorite bands.  One of her friends had to point out that it was a date!  Our love grew quickly and we were married in 2011.

We knew we wanted kids, and were blessed when Alexander was born 2014.  We fell in love with him even faster than we did with each other and looked forward to welcoming more children into our family.

Jonathan is an Electrical Engineer and Kristine is a part-time consultant and works mostly from home.  This allows a great deal of flexibility with caring for Alexander who is in preschool and loves it!  He is an expert at all things play.

Once the baby comes, Kristine will be home full time.  She can’t wait to be home with a baby.

Our Hobbies

Jonathan plays ultimate frisbee, basketball, and guitar.  Kristine enjoys camping and swimming.  Alexander loves swimming, coloring, playing with toys and watering the flowers in our yard.  Together, we like to hike (we have a baby backpack), go for bike rides (we have a bike trailer with room for two!), sing, eat ice cream, watch movies, and just sit in the Big Brown Chair with a book.  Curious George is a big favorite.

We believe it’s the love that makes the activities special, not the activities themselves.  We look forward to holding him or her, giving lots of hugs, reading to them, and singing with them.

Qualities We See in Each Other

Jonathan about Kristine: Kristine is who I’d been searching for my whole life.  I already mentioned the hammer part.  But she is also accepting, selfless, supportive, loving, patient and way more organized than I am.  Both I and Alexander are lucky to have her.

Kristine about Jonathan:  Jonathan is who I’ve been searching for my whole life too. He is patient, compassionate, gentle, loving and incredibly thoughtful.

Our extended family can’t wait for another member!

We have 10 siblings and step-siblings between us, yielding a total of 13 nieces and nephews.  Some of them are in their 20s and 30s and having their own kids – there are already 6 young cousins in the next generation, ranging from 4 months to 6 years old.  And there are two loving sets of grandparents who love to spoil their grand- (and great-grand-) babies!

We celebrate holidays with our family and our extended families are spread out, so holidays usually involve travel.  All the cousins want to see each other and we usually have many people converging from all over at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

We will share our adoption story with honesty and love.

Our story is simple.  Alexander understands the basics, even at four.  We love being parents, and are unable to have any more children.  So, we’re reaching out to someone who is going to have a child, but is not able to be a parent right now.  Together, we can create the best life we can for that child, because we all love him or her.

We want what is best for our child.  We’re completely new to adoption, but have been learning through the pre-adoption group about what it means to have an open relationship with birthparents.  We would like to work with the birthparents to set a level of contact that is beneficial to everybody involved.

Our Home & Neighborhood

Our home is perfect for raising a family.   It is warm and comfortable, and our neighborhood has young children. We can walk to the library and a couple of different playgrounds.  We have a sunny playroom next to the kitchen, where Alexander can play and keep an eye on mom’s cooking at the same time!  We enjoy playing outdoors in our big yard, where there is a sandbox and climber, and plenty of room to run.  We like to plant flowers.  This year we planted pumpkin seeds, and we are hoping to have a pumpkin to carve this fall!  For adventures, we walk down to the little stream at the far end of our yard to throw sticks, look for frogs and listen to the birds.  It is very peaceful.

At the end of the day, we snuggle up and enjoy books together. Big brother has been practicing his reading, and can’t wait to read bedtime stories to the new baby!

We wish you well as you make your way through this journey.  We imagine it is difficult and we hope to have given you some insight as to who we are.

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