Meet Jon & Ted:

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About Us:

Jon is a college administrator and Ted is a math professor.

Jon is a runner and likes to run half marathons. He plays the trumpet, sings in his church choir and recently learned how to tap dance. Jon also makes the best Thanksgiving Day turkey — ever! — and loves trying new adventures in the kitchen.

Ted likes to build creations with LEGO bricks. He also likes to sing and learned how to tap dance with Jon. Ted loves the outdoors and hikes and camps every chance he gets. Both enjoy performing in community theater.

Our Story:

Jon and Ted met at a singles party for gay men that neither really wanted to go to. Jon wanted to support his friends throwing the party and Ted knew he wouldn’t hear the end of it from his mother if he didn’t go. They noticed each other across the room and Jon asked one of the hosts to introduce him to Ted. The rest is history and they are glad they decided to attend the party!

Both Jon and Ted left that party with a giddy optimism about the other. Jon knew that Ted was husband material when Ted mentioned attending church. Jon began falling in love with Ted as they talked about their spiritual paths and as he learned about Ted’s confident loving spirit. Ted loves how Jon draws Ted out of himself. Ted knew he had found the right guy when Jon said he wanted to have kids, too.

Qualities We See in Each Other:

What Jon sees in Ted: a gentle way about him that teaches Jon patience and an intelligence that amazes Jon every day.

What Ted sees in Jon: the most amazingly sympathetic heart, and the ability to hear what people around him need.

Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing With Our Child:

We love walking to the big park near our house and traveling to our favorite beaches. We are members of nearby kid-friendly museums, and visit them often. We also enjoy attending kid-friendly concerts and theater. Ted is especially excited to have another LEGO builder in the family.

Extended Family:

In 2016, we adopted a daughter named Valerie. She is looking forward to being a big sister! Jon’s sister has two boys and a girl, and Ted’s brother has two girls, all ranging in age from 4 to 16 years old. All four grandparents are as excited as the kids are to have a new family member!

Our Adoption Story:

We tell our first child stories about how she is a gift of love from her birth mother to us, and we look forward to telling these stories to our new child. As our children grow up, we will talk about how all of us planned our family from before they were born.

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