Meet John and Courtney:

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About us:

Our paths crossed for decades. Our families attended the same church when we were little. Courtney’s mother was John’s Sunday school teacher. Because of this, we have always known each other, but because of age difference and not being in the same circles, we never became friends. Finally, we ended up both living in the same area after College and had met at a pub. We talked a bit about our familiar families and friends. We exchanged numbers and began dating. Very quickly we felt comfortable with each other and had a very deep understanding of one another. We have both described the connection as feeling like we were "home".

After many years in the construction business John recently started his own Construction Company. Courtney works for John as bookkeeper. Courtney is able to work her own schedule and often times John’s jobs can have him working in the garage or coming home for lunch.

Courtney is home full time with Sam and will be with the next child. She does plan to keep up her work with the company but this can be done on her own schedule. She always wants her children to see her working. She believes this is important in teaching kids to work hard.

Qualities we see in each other:

Courtney says, “John is an incredibly hard working man. He  is known to be genuine and honest. To me he is one of the smartest people I have ever known. He takes his time figuring things out and doesn’t give up until he finds a solution. He is funny and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is a very proud father. Every day he looks at our son with utter amazement that he gets to be a Dad. He is a patient teacher to our son and our boy wants to be just like his Dad.”

John says, “Courtney is a very special person who would do anything to not let the people she loves feel sad. She has continued to prove to me and everyone who knows her that she is genuinely the sincerest person you will meet, and puts everyone else’s needs ahead of hers, including our son. She also has a great self-deprecating sense of humor and always makes people laugh. She always has a way of seeing the good in situations, and has become such an amazing mother; it’s like it’s what she was born to do. “.

Our hobbies:

John is very much a guy’s guy. He loves football and never misses the football game. He loves boating with his Dad and fishing. More recently, he takes Sammy along with him. John also likes to do wood working in the garage. He has built furniture and built in shelves for the house. Sammy and John recently started building wooden cars.

Courtney loves to be active. She likes biking and running. She is very involved in organizing events for Sammy’s school. She loves music and history. She likes reading about these subjects. If Courtney is at home cooking dinner or cleaning she will always have music on and encourages Sammy to dance with her whenever possible.

We look forward to being a family of four:

We know another child is in our hearts and we will finally feel our family is complete. We look forward to having another child at dinner time around the table. John’s looks forward to building a tree house in the backyard for two kids to play in. Courtney can’t wait for  summers on the beach making sand castles with both children. We love  and cherish family more than anything. We genuinely love to be with each other.

Our extended family:

We are very close to our parents and siblings. They all live with in a 6 mile radius of us. John’s sister has three kids 4, 2, and 6 months old and Courtney’s brother has two kids 4 and 3. All the cousins are best friends and we plan activities with them together a couple times a week. They are very excited to add another cousin to the gang. The grandparents are equally involved. Its not uncommon for any of them to swing by on a whim for a visit and all of them are on call babysitters as well. This set up is really special for us but also for Sam and hopefully another child. Sam is growing up very close to all these extra people. There is no shortage of support and love.

Our adoption story:

One of the most delicate parts of adopting a child is relaying to them the story of how our family came to be, and the extraordinary birth parents that made an incredibly selfless decision for a baby they love and want the best for. We have introduced this to Sam early which we feel is the best thing to do. Sammy has an adoption book that we read that have pictures of his birth parents. He knows them by name and can recognize them. He is still young but as he gets older we are so happy to tell him all the goodness that he has inside him that was given to him by these people.

Our home and neighborhood:

Our house is our dream home, we bought it a few years ago and had it renovated, it has lots of beautiful space, Every house in the neighborhood is full of kids. All the parents are responsible, loving, and good natured. This offers so much support as we all are raising kids and have the same goals for them. We  know the whole neighborhood will be so thrilled for us to add another child to the group.

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